I know there are a few guys on the site interested in running. Since an ankle break I have taken it up. Happy to get advice from people.

Also if anyone knows a good website to buy gels and equipment let me know.

I only do 5k most morning so have little or no advise of any use. Any tips on stretching that out to10k? I never seen to make it past 6-7k.

If your doing 3 runs a week do one long one and increase by .5 to 1 k a week. Keep the other two short and a bit faster.

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10k is the longest race I have done but doing 20k runs once a week and 3 shorter ones

Well, the first piece of advice I can give you, is not to run on a broken ankle Paddy!

I’ll be doing the marathon less then one year after shattering mine and being non weight baring for 5 months. Not sure how wise it is but ■■■■ it lets give it a go. :sob:

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Marathon runner checking in!

Be happy to give bad advice.

Run slower

Thanks for that :joy:

Don’t do it, you will bring on injuries to other area’s later on such as calf, knee, hips and possibly lower back, most likely on your good leg to as it will be compensating for the bad leg.
Build slowly and strengthen the bad leg before undertaking a marathon.

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first advice - if there is a parkrun nearby join it. just register, print off your barcode and turn up. every sat am 930 start 5k.

if you are starting there are things like coach to 5k which are online. i started running by doing one lap of the local track, came back next night and did two and so on.

stretching is vital before and after, even after all these years i would forget to stretch afterwards and your calf would be tight the next morning andf so on.

there are loads of other things too but i will bore you about them later.

I’m not a novice been doing 10k for a long time and doing half marathons now. I have the all clear medically and from the physio and wouldn’t be doing it otherwise.

Just gradually build it up every week. I started off running 5-7k on lunch breaks and then up to 12k on the weekends. Now up to 24-30k+ runs on Sat or Sun. If you’re running most mornings you would do 10k easily.

Last time i tried to get to 10 i was only running twice a week or so, going out 4/5 mornings a week now so hope to push for 10 one of these weekends.

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don’t over do it, keep the other runs short, if you were to do 2 Runs of 5-6 K, 1 day of intervals and a long run that’s will get you there.


two speed sessions during the week and one long slow run at weekends is all you need for a marathon. This worked for me for a sub 3.30 . If you wanted to break 3hrs you would need to alter that.
I had a plan done up for me as I was doing too many junk miles and wasn’t training properly. You also need to do core stability and foam rolling on days off to stay injury free

yeah am just looking at the Dublin marathon plans - the one they are doing on twitter is miley but easy enough even the advaqnce, if you can find time for 8 miles of a wednesday evening and 16 miles on an all ireland sunday :grinning:

but on their site they have an 11 weeek plan that gives you only friday off. no thanks, maureen.

i am in a whatsapp group of really good runnners - i dont got running with them lol - and their plan is three days, tues, thurs and sunday - with an optional saturday. their plan though is all o2 max and shit which im not mad about, im just looking to beat 4hours.

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I was a marathon runner in the past and completed over 50 of them (generally sub 3.00 and once broke 2.45). The best advice I would give to anyone trying to complete their first marathon, is not to worry about a finishing time. The most important aspect is to build up mileage slowly perhaps add 10% every two weeks. Also, getting in one long steady run once a week is important. I used to start at 12 miles and every two weeks add 2 miles to that until about 3 weeks before the marathon I would do a 22 mile run. You can see that it takes a bit of planning in advance to build up to the marathon distance. If you are interested in doing a good time, 1 or 2 quality speed sessions per week are important as opposed to junk mileage. It’s also important to rest, a day off every now and then is vital. Don’t train if you are tired or injured, you will only compound your fatigue or injury. So in short, be patient, build up mileage slowly and concentrate on quality rather than quantity if you want to run a good time. If possible run on grass or trails rather than roads all the time, Asics Kayano are an excellent training shoe. - enjoy the training.


I wanted to do the Barcelona Marathon in under 4hrs last year, didnt manage it finished in 4.21. I reckon the mistake I made was doing the long runs too close to the 4hr marathon pace. Going to give it another bash this year.

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Dont know if you are a slow coach like me, but the Doc told me at the pace Ibrun ge wouldnt bother with gels, so I used dates in the Barcelona marathon. I sometimes take a banana when I run for over an hour, gives you a great lift.