Russia- Ukraine (Part 1)

Well for example, the EU could offer Ukraine big financial help, membership etc, if they accept to give up some territory, not what I think should happen, but an example of what could happen.

Worth a watch, this guy says Russia’s economy is fooked

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Also that they need Germany to buy their gas as much as Germany is reliant on it.

Can’t reward putin by giving him land imo. Would be a green light to every authoritarian regime that land grabs work.

West really needed to respond more strongly when he did this to Georgia.

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I agree, and am not suggesting it, just trying to explain to Iomaint how possible negotiations could take place without Russian involvement

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Most likely to be through head the ball in Turkey.

Brother, you are now perseverating for the sake of it! This is where I give up!
…’…negotiation does not necessarily have to be with the Russians’.
Enjoy your day chief!

How many people do you finish debating with in the same fashion? You seem to have real issues with people that don’t see things in the same light as yourself. Surely even you can see that the E.U or NATO could negotiate with Ukraine with a view to coming up with a proposal to end the conflict, why would Russia need to be involved in such negotiations, of course they would have accept the resulting proposal, but that does not mean being at the negotiating table .

I stop engaging when there is no point in continuing. I’d be delighted if you would do the same.

You tend to stop engaging quite a bit with a lot of posters, you seem to have huge difficulty in acknowledging different opinions, I find it difficult to understand why you participate in a forum with such an attitude towards opinions of others

I’m simply of the opinion that when people disagree, sometimes the wise option is to leave it. This clearly irks you. Soz.

North Korea’s economy is fooked as well but doesn’t stop the Little fat guy with the bad haircut being a cunning stunt .Once the scum that run totalitarian states are well fed and watered they can coerce the rest of the population to do what they want ," haven’t got enough food to eat ,or medicine for your sick relatives ?? Don’t worry your sacrifice is greatly appreciated by your overlords , now grab a rifle and defend your motherland ."

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Unless Putin’s overthrown….this war is likely to drag on imo.

And except for providing more kit to Ukraine, I don’t see an appetite in the west to get more involved or to see their economies suffer.

In that case a push for a settlement becomes more probable. I don’t know what that looks like…but it’ll be a different reality to that before the invasion.

NATO countries left Iraq and Afghanistan when it became clear an outright victory was impossible.

All it takes is for a more isolationist Republican President or a Trump MK 2 to pull the plug on them funding a war in Europe to billions of dollars per year. The average yank cares more about the price of gas than they do about Europe.

Checked Fox News last night. Big issues are inflation, energy and border with Mexico. Ukraine wasn’t mentioned once.

Leaving it is fine, but your silly little final remarks, such as Enjoy your day chief, speak volumes

Can’t see zelensky or any Ukrainian leader for that matter ceding territory to the Russians after what they have done and are doing ,this will go on for years

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True enough, won’t save the Russians from putin but when it bites he’ll find it increasingly hard to wage war. unless there’s a revolution, not quite sure how that fat bollocks in north Korea manages to subjugate his people so effectively.

The only thing is, a lot of that cash is going to their military complex = money for republican donors.

Once the money keeps rolling in from gas and oil the regime will keep going

Maybe but there’s going to be huge unemployment and he is threatening to cut off Europe so the Gas money stops, he cannot sell anything like the same volume to the east as the pipeline that direction is tiny.

As that economist says above, Russia needs to sell gas to Germany more then germany needs to buy it - they’re switich a lot of industry to oil (easier to source) and building two liquid gas terminals so they can import gas from elsewhere.

By using Pure and utter terror .Read some where ,don’t know if its true or not , but every home in NK has a radio embedded in the wall that broadcasts state propaganda that cannot be turned off or removed without severe consequences.