Russia- Ukraine (Part 2)

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Obviously unconfirmed at this stage if this video is what it is purported to be.
There is a video that shows a recruitment officer in Siberia getting shot with a sawn off shotgun.
Reported as happening in the Irkutsk region which borders Mongolia.

There has also been a mass school shooting in another part of Russia (Izhevsk) with the gunman reported as wearing a swastika!

Somebody sanctioned this. Someone trained Russian soldiers to do this… to civilians. Some Russian soldiers wanted to do this, sufficiently to the point of actually doing it. Others knew about it and let it happen. This says it all.

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From late August. The Swedish Archer from what I have read is meant to be France’s Caesar closest rival for the best howitzer in the world.
It is understandable why Sweden might not want to, or feel they cannot. They have their own small border with Russia, and may need them to support Finland if the Russians strike there.

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Evaluate the possibility to give the archer … feck sake Sweden

Sweden might need them to back up Finland. I get the feeling the Germans feel the same about backing up Poland if invaded.

I think however France and the UK have enough buffer zone on front of them to contribute more.

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apparently France in talk about giving more ceasers.

Russia wouldn’t be able to invade Finland currently, nor Poland.

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True, but who knows what mad move Putin might pull if desperate.

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France sent 12, with 6 more on it’s way a few months back.
Is it 18 plus more, or are they still talking about the 6 more?

Last week apparently talking about giving more again, since the mobilisation news.

Can’t see what could possibly go wrong here…


So 18 there, and more to come. Fingers crossed that it is at least 10.

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Absolute madness.

Brits are supposed to be training 10,000 Ukrainian troops apparently
See Ukrainian troops go through urban combat training in the UK.


First 5,000 have graduated, Denmark, Canada and Netherlands are involved in that as well.

EU setting up another training camp in eastern Europe as well i think, well, there was talk of it. Training them up is going to be the difference. Ukraine has mobilised since feb so has been training guys before sending them to the front.

Guy i know (a friend of a friend) is over there and got 8 weeks of training just to be support staff, ie, not front-line soldier.

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:us_outlying_islands: :de:

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Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Lithuania, Canada, the Netherlands and New Zealand

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Even Russia Today is claiming France is training far more Ukrainians than the 40 it officially admits to with Caesars.

The Russians seem too think the French are teaching them some clandestine tricks. I wonder what “specialised training” is code for!