Russia- Ukraine (Part 2)

Slovakia :slovakia:

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It’s the mentality I suppose . They play to the gallery well. Where as Micko is very strong on Israeli oppression and pointing out US atrocities across the world . I can’t believe I heard him once call out the British for their atrocities in NI … I may be wrong on that but I can’t recall it

The atmosphere and appetite amongst the electorate these days is very much contrarian.

Anyone who rants against ‘the establishment’ is hoovering up the wilfully ignorant and naive vote, which of course is the majority, especially amongst the young voters just out of college who think they know something.

Claire and Mick are the lefties you knew in college who joined the Karl Marx Society and were high most of the time. Such is the electorate. Claire and Mick know this and are living the life of Reilly off it.

Mick let’s not forget took a bailout of 20-25 million off the state and never paid a penny for it . Kind of goes against his general political dribble

Hypocrites both I would say


See the Dutch right wing party that supports putin lost 10 of its 12 seats in elections last week.


They were and they were quite good at it and at least gave a different view on things, they were harmless enough at it, but this tacit support of putin (by only criticizing people standing up to him) is a bridge too far and is frankly disgusting.


Are they really standing up to him though? I suppose that’s the question

Excellent conversation between John Stewart & Ian hislop on populism and Murdoch’s role in destroying western democracy

Didn’t know that’s where the term “the main stream media” comes from. Few posters on here ought to watch out for that :sweat_smile:

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The us & eu? They’re doing more than anyone else in the world, the majority of who don’t seem to give a hoot. People always point out that we don’t care as much about wars far away well it works both ways, understandably imo.

There’s an argument they’re not doing enough alright, but others say they’re spending too much. Remember the eu had to divest from Russian energy, which is some achievement in 12 months. Some said it couldn’t be done. China take note.

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Speaking of China, Xi is going to Moscow on Monday. Either to supply arms to Russia or put the squeeze on putin to get the hell out of Ukraine.

Or to try to appear to stay on the fence… by meeting him but not arming him? Dollar comes first for the Chinee!

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I can’t see them supplying arms


No, either can I, 950 billion reason a year. I’d say they’re shocked at how well eu adapted away from Russian energy, manufacturing can move as well.


West should be divesting away from any authoritarian regimes really.

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West needs China . That’s the way it is . Cheap goods

Germany was supposed to be totally reliant on Russian gas. A lot of cheap labour around.

It’s actually cheaper for USA & Canada to source manufacturing in Mexico now.

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manufacturing is a far east low cost operation

Not feasible elsewhere for profit margins which is all Amazon and Co are worried about

Less flexible then energy

Mexico is now cheaper for the USA
Plus I’d say increasing pressure to move from China, Apple already moving away. Eu could look at Vietnam, Taiwan and other emerging countries in east


How I’d love to actually see this ■■■■ in the dock in The Hague

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I’d prefer to see her hang. Fock them. They fear no court.

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Be hugely ironic if the ANC oversees SA slipping back to international pariah status