Russia- Ukraine (Part 2)

Thinking outside the box here but the Israelis could do the world a favour here. Mossad could assassinate him in SA. They are expert and would leave no trace. He needs to be killed, not arrested. Any country that holds him will be vulnerable. However if a country agrees to host him, and he is got at, no point in Russia bombing them when he is dead.

I douby very much when putin is gone that russia will somehow implode or the war will stop.

I doubt that you are right. What will they do? Have an election? Me bollix. They would be in disarray. Proigozin running against Kadyrov and Shoigu?? No chance. Putin will not have allowed them to plan for his demise. He feels he is untouchable. If he was killed, there would be a pause. The EU could then ask the oligarchs ‘Do you ever want to see your money or yachts again? If so, be good’. Russia would either have to withdraw or breakup. There would be 30 insurgencies in the pipeline.

I doubt think there is a huge vacuum ready to form when putin is gone. A guy will slot in, things will continue as before.

What was the result of the finding that a pro ukraine entity blew up the nord stream pipeline?

According to Independent this morning it a show of support from China to Russia , if so there really needs to be some consequences for China from EU and US.

Hopefully behind the scenes Putin is getting a good dose of reality from China but I won’t hold me breath relying on China to do anything that is not somehow in their own interest

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Was it a finding or a theory? Some other eejit tried to say it was the Americans.

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New york times seems to say it was a pro ukraine but not a ukraine backed entity.

Which guy? You know something that the world doesn’t!

Nilolai patrushev who by all accounts is next in line and is on a par if not more so than putin. Medvedev who at one time seemed reasonable is now spouting the same crap as putin. Is that to postion himself for when putin goes?

Well I believe that if Putin is taken out, it will lead to many justifiable acts of insurgency. I see no obvious succesdor. Just my opinion.

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If you think the next guy would be as bad as Putin you’re reading the Economist too much

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There’s a lot of talk that the fella that visited Mariupol was not Putin but one of the doubles he uses every so often. Remember this is the guy that won’t sit within 5m of his ministers & generals when he meets them.

The Mariupol residents who he met were all apparently Russians who he regularly uses for such events. Same people photographed at other recent events. Bizarre they keep doing this when it’s known it’s all made up. Presumably for Russian tv audiences.



This Twitter account looks to be Trump leaning, and Russia leaning.

That guy is awful


He is quietly pro Russia, imo. He is followed by Chay Bowes. That tells its own story.


No doubt this will upset Daly and Wallace et all