Russia- Ukraine (Part 2)

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I have just read that. I’m clear on one thing. Evil exists. No question in my mind. Trump did similar btw. Hitler too. And the final, horrendous irony is the Chechens fighting for Russia, who did similar to them!


Another brave Irish man helping out. Wagner have put a price on his head.


Thats pure balls rather than those fools dressed in all the gear like call of duty

Harris looks like Stan Laurel, permanent dopey surprise. Stan was smart as anybody though.

Ah this is vintage! Read the replies!


He will probably cancel his holiday to Trabolgan now !!

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They would probably try to get him on the Late Late Show.

Once he didn’t have a passport, he’d land here no probs.

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And ask him about his Irish roots.

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Would certainly displace Yelstin’s “visit” in 1994 as the most interesting one by a Russian Leader!

Boris Yeltsin circling over Shannon diplomatic incident - Wikipedia.

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Boris O’Kane ?:thinking:



Xi Xi showing his true colours today with Putin , statement mentioning the Nuclear word , what a pair of absolute ■■■■■ and really exposes China for what they are

Won’t happen but would love west to sanction the hell outta China


All bluster. China is mainly interested in £€$. They do four times more trade with the E.U. than they do with Russia. They have Vlad by the balls. He will sell them gas at any price as he is desperate. It is not a friendship. The Chinee don’t appear to do friendships. They also don’t do nuclear wars. Bombing your major trade partners isn’t their way. No need for sanctions. Honest and fully implemented sanctions against Russian Oligarchs would be a far better idea, imho!