Russia- Ukraine (Part 2)

How big were those lakes, did it become a submarine?

Only a scratch!

Germany :de:

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Anyone got a jar of Sudocream…a dallop does wonders for open wounds

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Exactly. So why the delay with the ATACMS? Why are NATO and the US dragging out this war? To degrade Russia’s army more? To remove the threat of Putin being deposed?

Denmark :denmark:

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South Korea :kr:

@greenred, I would be interested in your opinion. Is this account a Russian bot? Ben Hodges follows her. A Spanish housewife??

A quick glance of a few of her tweets seems to show she is taking a neutral position. Though I haven’t come across this account before, so don’t know it’s long term trend.

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Norway :norway:

Useful when the rainy season comes.

If she is right, many accounts have been biased in favour of AFU and Russia could even take over more of Ukraine, especially if it gets its stocks replenishment by Rocket Man. Do you think the US has decided that Putin must not lose and if he does, he will be deposed and Russia may become destabilised with nukes falling into the wrong hands?

Nah. If anything the Americans are distracted by elections in 2024 and pressures to ensure the US is prepared for any potential conflict with China. Europe has been more and more handed the challenge of keeping Ukraine’s war effort going, particularly by Germany and Poland.

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Armenia flip-flopping again.

Panicky decision making maybe!

:ukraine: :ukraine: :ukraine:

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Yerevan, Armenia.