Russia- Ukraine

I dont know how much clearer he can be really. Had Moldova teed up to be next with the same bullshit russian speaking area excuse ready to go.

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His speeches do, but his tactics don’t, I mean why would want to flatten cities if he had any interest in taking them over?

Because it’s his way.

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To try and terrorize the population into capitulation, a tactic as old as Alexander the Great, another mass murdering imperialist

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He thought it’d be a quick enough win, his mighty army against the same country he took Crimea off with barely a shot fired.

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An sliveen of the highest order.


Ha yes, when it’s woke to oppose fascism.

An opportunist Christian. A “jerk off” as the yanks would say.

Don’t buy this Putin is screwing NATO and the West over. He has completely fkd his country’s economy, has lost a substantial chunk of his army and weaponry, has seen his & Russia’s reputation go toxic, and is left to align himself with every tin pot dictator across the world because everyone else believes he’s an evil, murdering, vicious, vindictive ■■■■■■■.

Putin has made a total bollox of whatever strategy & plan he has. Who knows how this will play out but he is anything but a winner in this shit fest he has created. Hope the fkr rots in hell when eventually his time does arrive.


He has also brought NATO closer, via Sweden and Finland.

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But is there not a possibility that he wanted to create a shitfest?

Not with his neighbours joining NATO. Meanwhile:

@bigp how do you negotiate with these kuntz? It’s gone way too far. This is different, for some reason:

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100,000 slaves.


they have no one else. useless fuckers at every level.

Who said anything about negotiating?But the problem is it is not different, war is horrible, always has been and always will be, the Russians are doing no worse than the Israelis in Palestine, the Brits in Ireland, the Yanks in Vietnam, the nazis , Franco etc … they were all ■■■■■ in their day

You said:

‘I am suggesting there will be an agreement, how that comes about I don’t know’… if you were not suggesting some form of negotiation here, what were you suggesting? Pray tell. The world needs to know. It’s a very simple question.

I am suggesting there will be an agreement, if that comes about by imposition, negotiation, surrender, victory etc… I do not know. Why do you continue to say I say things I clearly didn’t say. Also negotiation does not necessarily have to be with the Russians.

The point is valid.
But… “Mr Fukkew”? “Probs”? Clearly a serious and considered sauce

So negotiations don’t have to be with the Russians?? So how will there be peace?