RWC 2023 bidding

Bullet proof bid they said.
Shoo in they said.
French bid has no chance compared to Ireland because Leo supported Irish bid and Macron didn’t support French one.
SA first/France 2nd. Ireland last.

so much for that. Don’t understand how today decision has no weighting when it comes to selection criteria on Nov 15.
Can imagine the home nations backing Ireland but that’s about it.
Game over.


Casement Park dead in the water so…

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another monument to a white elephant.

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Clones will be happy.

Filthy lucre … We guaranteed the minimum bid of €120m - France offered €150m and Sth Africa €160m … that’s your weighting right there. Dick still clinging to hope on the radio … not a chance.

If the technical weighting was in our favour and we didn’t get it on the 15th imagine the furore - it’d leave Thierry Henry in the halfpenny place …

Pity … but it looks like we’ll never get a big sports event. We don’t even get the Eurovision any more …

Spring, Varadkar and Lord Ross all told us the Irish financial guarantees where the strongest.

Lying, incompetent politicians… NEVER.

All three bidders proved their financial ability to host the tournament with the €120m minimum guarantee requirement but anyone would be naive to think that every million over and above that minimum wouldn’t have an influence.

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Spring, Varadkar and Viscount Ross.

Pairc Ui Choimh not up to scratch, apparently, nor wear Pearse Park not Fitzgerald Stadium.
So… what WAS actually done in Pairc Ui Chaoimh?

Would it be wrong to pat my rugby mad co-worker from Mayo on the back and say “I know how you feel, sure we lost the League Final to Kerry by a point”


Pairc Ui Frainc O’Mhurchu has to be all seater to host from QF on

Sure they put in grey seats instead of red ones to disguise the fact it would be empty most times .

Imagine the trauma of being in a room with the three of them and only having two bullets in your gun!

You’d get more pleasure out of torturing the third c**t though !!!

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Like night and day

Don’t know exactly why they are ranking 3rd/last but the stadia in France are light years ahead of ours bar Croker and the Aviva. Semple Stadium is some kip when compared with say the Stade Velodrome. Not sure about the fan facilities in the South African stadiums but the likes of Ellis Park look amazing on TV.

they’d have all got a faclift for 2010 world cup too

Thomand and Kingspan Park look good on the box. At least comparable with Exeter’s Sandy Park which was used in 2015 or Gloucester’s Kingsholm. The RDS always looks neat and is well located for the alickadoos to go to their favourite watering holes.

I don’t think Semple was part of the bid. Which is probably why it failed.

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The should’ve stuck in the Nell …