Ryder Cup, 2016

I suppose this won’t get much attention this week.
I can see the USA thumping Europe this time around.

Well I certainly won’t be watching on Saturday evening :grin: :grinning:

Can’t see the attraction of it , Would be long dead if sky didn’t hype the shite out of it

It was very attractive in the days when Irish players often got great recognition for their exploits, before they had the cheek to start winning majors and getting to World No. 1!

And there was the whole thing about Europe not having won in so long. Some of the battles in the years from when Europe started making a game of it were epic. And you had greats of the game producing everything from heroics to embarrassment in matchplay, I think it’s alot more exciting than the strokeplay format. That and the team element.

What would get it really going again would be the Yanks winning. But the era from mid-80s til early 2000s is hard to follow. Some of the personalities in those days, and how much it meant to them is difficult to recreate.

agreed in an individual sport where money is king I always laugh when they say the Ryder Cup transcends the majors. It doesn’t transcend anything. It’s a made up event to convince people golf can be a team sport.

The final day 4 years ago was an unbelievable day’s sport, love watching it, was great viewing even before Sky got involved. Just need more stamina now as they show the whole lot of it!

I actually think the ‘national pride’ the players get representing USA or Eu is a real thing. It certainly gets great audience reaction at the venues when the home team does well.

Personally, while not a huge fan of golf at all, I love the Ryder cup. I’ll never forget Darren at the K club sinking that huge putt, and then the celebrations after the win in the clubhouse. That’s up there with some of the great sporting memories for me.

What time does it start? What channels carry it?

Live on Sky basically all day & night, with a highlights package on BBC late each night

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Are the Brits off the team since Brexit?

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Always say I will watch from the beginning, rather than the last hole…

A weekend of Monty then spouting pony about himself !!

pity theres no undercover sting to get rid of monty ala fat sam

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Europe struggling in morning foursomes, their traditional strength. Lee Westwood (Clarke’s bestest friend) can’t putt to save his life.

Yank fans are bunch of horrible f***s. Throwing out plenty of nasty stuff

Rory and Reed having a massive battler, Rory with a 35 footer on the 8th really giving it back to the lowest common denominator that are Yanks sports fans…

Would love to go to a Ryder Cup but don’t think I could go to one in America. I’d probably end up decking one of those loudmouth pricks within an hour

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Been down to the states a couple of times for varying sports events, they live in this self contained bubble that is the USA their ignorance is second to none.
I thank God I live in Canada and not that shot hole down below us.

A country that gives Donald Trump a 45% (minimum) chance of becoming its President needs political, economic, cultural and diplomatic isolation. Probably exactly what Trump wants.