SAM on Tour - 2016 Version

As our old friend Sam Maguire starts to make his way around the county and beyond, here’s a place to let fellow Ressers know ie., Visits to clubhouses, schools, events etc.

It’s worked well in previous years, particularly when we just keep it to the topic.


Monday: Ballina
Tuesday: Claremorris
Wednesday: Swinford
Thursday: Castlebar
Friday: Westport

Ooops -sorry! Apologies - I copied this off the Mayo Blog on Friday last …


No need for Apologies , love it!! :joy: :joy: :joy:

On fire today Dub09!

Any updates on this? (apart from the Mayo tour, that is :grinning: )

Shure, don’t we all have 8763 pix of ourselves with Sam at this stage? One of the perks of winning it 4 times in 5 years. In 2011, I was like a headless chicken, running around getting me picture took with him. Five years on and it’s a different story.

More for the little lad than for me(honest)
He’s Dubs mad at the minute, so would love to get him a shot of Sam

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Ah yeah, was forgettin about the chislers. The nephew has one on the way in a few weeks. He’s not majorly into GAA, but I’m getting that child into Sam at some stage, if it kills me. The mammy is from Laois. She’ll be sick ! :grin:

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Its in Ballyboughal GAA on Saturday for the opening of their new astro pitch

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Anyone know if they’ll be doing the open top bus through clondalkin village like the last couple of times?

Paul Flynn & Sam will be at the Swords Airside Citroen dealership on Saturday at 10.30am.

There now on twitter!

Change of plan. Pee Flynn & Sam will be at Citroen Swords at 1pm on Sunday, not Saturday.

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Sam in the Naul this morning with Dean Rock

Not even REMOTELY funny. :smirk:

Do they release a list of what schools they are visiting and when?

I tried that last year with the county board, no reply at all.

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Even if they posted a weekly list on it would be helpful. I know these things are always subject to change but it would give folk some idea and they could then check with the venue.

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Chillax there Beverly. :wink: