SAM on Tour - 2017 Version

Once again our good friend Sam Maguire starts to make his "Annual" tour around the county and beyond, here’s a place to let fellow Ressers know when & where ie., Visits to clubhouses, schools, events etc.

It’s worked well in previous years, particularly when we just keep it to the topic.


Still waiting for a visit to Belfast.

Not intending to be politically incorrect here to captain and manager but After 4 years in a row heading to parnells and then clondalkin as their two first visits, I think a change around this year wouldn’t of being any harm -

Maybe Ballymun with 5 panellists there deserve a good day out with Sam and many players attending while Sam is fresh off the shelf .

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Hear hear! 5 visits to da Mun!!!


It’s part of the process seesaw

Yes. Nothing worse than a visit when Sam is dog-eared, smelling of stale alcohol and just too damn tired to join in the fun …

The clondalkin locals must be well used of the parade route of a Saturday after an all Ireland - the bus will probably get beeped by cars to move on :smirk:

Anyway, isn’t Jim now a Boden member ? :smirk:

Is he?? He’ll be able to fly Durkan home for games so! :joy::joy::joy:


Yea he lives in the parish and coaches the u9’s there where his young lad plays - apparently he doesn’t miss a session !

Apparently the Boden u9s haven’t lost for 4 years. Other clubs want to split them in two …


…into under-4 and a halfs?


Your posts are always good but this one is Post of the Year material!!

Any chance of it visiting Galway at some point?

Gives the AFL6 thread a run for its money

Sure bring it to Mayo for the craic

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Get it to me, and I’ll make this happen.

Where is Sam this week anyway?

Sam always goes everywhere, no need for anyone else to make anything happen.

since we are all chatting about the mid 80’s team on the all ireland final thread, dave synnnott has family down in tipp beavering away for knock and i got to see sam, and liam, and the irish press cup at knock gaa there over the winter.

Although it was beaten by members of the tipp team bringing liam and the press cup to my house and staying for tea, hang sangwitches and photos!

Cup coveter!

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