Sam the 5th is at

The thread to let Ressers know of scheduled appearances by our good mate Sam, so they can bring their kids to get a historical picture to send to the redneck cousins :wink:


The team are in the Boars Head now (12.30 Monday)

Again ? Pretty sure they were there yesterday !.. Fair play !

So I was told … not there myself.

Any updates going to head into town

If not Boars Head drop into Dame Tavern

Few down the Morgue in Templeogue

Surprised the homecoming is not tonight. There must be a few players who are away.

Would have suited me better !

Not till the 29th

Yea I know, for good reasons no doubt, Just think tonight would have been perfect for both the Ladies and the Men…

Will get more people on a Sunday than a Monday evening in Dublin city. Pity it is 2 weeks after the finals but a good excuse to keep the party going!

Not sure the 29th will work. The post match glow and excitement will have gone for a lot of people with the match a distant memory for non GAA regulars. DCC May live to regret not striking when the iron was hot!

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I’d say they will advertise the hell out of it!

I’ll be there anyway, hope to God a huge crowd turns up!

And why wouldn’t they. I’d rip the arse out of it until March.


March 2048.

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I’ll be there.

Just back from boars head.Got to welcome the ladies delighted and the place is hopping.Some of the lads are now in the autobahn if anyone wants to head down.

Sounds like the lads are a good day long celebration as well ! Fair play . They probably enjoy day 2 and 3 even more as it all sinks in

Would love to see an open top bus through the city like American sports

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Sounds like the lads had one hell of a sing song last night . Christy Dignam, Mary Black and Danny o Reilly and others with them - fair play - looked like the Lord Edward pub.