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I’ll get the ball rolling…

The Dubs Creed.

We believe in one Dubs,
The Champions, the Almighty
Makers of Heaven on Earth
Of all that is seen on the football field.

We believe in one Manager, Jim Gavin,
The only not to hold Sam,
Eternally winning of the Championship,
Sam after Sam, League after League,
Leinster Championship from Leinster championship
Victorious, not defeated
Through him all things are won.
For we Dubs and for our Salvation
He came down from a Round Tower
By the power of the County Board
He became Manager from Pat Gilroy, and was made a great man.

For our sake he crucified Meath;
He suffered Donegal and was buried by the media.
In his third year he rose again
In accordance with the process
We ascended into heaven
And we sat (or stood) at the right side of the scoreline.
He will come again this year in glory to win the Leinster and the Sam
And the kingdom will have come to an end.

We believe in the spirit of the team, the process, the winning of matches,
Which proceeds from the following of the plan.
With the backroom team it is worshipped and glorified.
It is spoken of by the media.

We believe in one united single and undivided county.
We acknowledge one team for the entry into the championship.
We look for the resurrection of the Hurlers,
And the Sams and the Liams to come.


Thank the maker.

“Through him all things are won.”


“This can only end badly” - Jesus
“Give it a chance” - Buddha
“Are they taking the piss?” - Mohammed
“They’ll all burn in hell” - Ian Paisley …

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“This can only end badly” - Jesus
“Give it a chance” - Buddha
“Are they taking the piss?” - Mohammed
“They’ll all burn in hell” - Ian Paisley …
May the Force be with you." Obi-Wan Kenobi,

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Lord Grant me the courage to change the things I can (Dublin hurling),
The grace to accept the things I cannot change (Newstalk, the Indo, Ewan etc),
And the wisdom to know the difference!

I hope God never comes looking for all of the favours I promised him during Cluxton’s run up in 2011…


Pity he’s not from the Faithful County, though some might claim he is from the Garden of Eden…
Meanwhile all of us following the blue and navy here believe in one thing, and one thing only, the collective.
And the process. Ok that’s two things, two things only!

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