Scientific Breakthroughs and Environmental Matters

Could’ve knocked me over with a feather when I heard they had committed to stopping battery hen farming. You’d never see that under a conservative govt, so it’s a real coup

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You’re some yolk!

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Hopefully they’ll keep the sunny side out

Just eggnore him.

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Enjoying the egg puns, omelette you continue!

No poaching each others puns.

yiss’r all comin out of yer shells now

I’m scrambling desperately to think of anymore… Nope, nada left in this nog-gin anyway.

This could go in the tv and music threads but I think here is where it’s most at home. An excellent program I thought, and hopefully it might do something to further the extremely acute needs of the environment in Ireland:

Just to add, Tolü Makay, Susan O’Neill, Níamh Regan and Clare Sands are some the fantastic younger faces and sounds of Irish music. Whilst Iarla O’Líonaird continues to be an incredible vocalist.

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My head is fried with this now!

…and will be until Easter, at least.

Is it true rotten eggs killed Pope Benedict?

Defo somethin sulphurous about da work of th’aul archangel…


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American military must be pissing themselves with excitement. A rake of those fellas under remote control like drones rampaging around some oil rich country in need of “democracy”.

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I assume that’s all programmed and it’s not working those moves out itself? Still impressive. It if it’s doing it on the fly it’s crazy.

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Can you imagine Sammy Wilson reading that?

Lord No

The resemblance of the ‘arm’ and ‘hand’ of a bat or whale to the human form is unbelievable in many ways. Of course, its not unbelievable…actually someone get MDMA to write this post.