Scientific Breakthroughs and Environmental Matters

You’re related to him you know.

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Human fetuses have a tail until 8 weeks ,a leftover from our reptile ancestors.

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Don’t I fuckin’ know it after falling on ice last month ! Bruised coccyx or whatever it’s officially called.

yup he be stripped of and walking naked around the place telling everyone i’m just doing what my god fearing ancestors done

He could get someone to read it out for him. Although there are some big words in there…

There are people in Norfolk who can count the number of players on a seven-a-side team on one hand.


All we need is a greedy irish developer to seek planning permission on this lone star iceberg and watch the investment funds dive in

Most expensive iceberg real estate in the world?

Ohh, I hear you, broke mine when I was 16 playing soccer when I put a 2 footed tackle in on one of me mates in a mess game, fookin agony. Was out Sunday last with friends for lunch, as we were leaving, their 8 year old waling down the steps in front of me slips landing on her arse, I thought, ohh, thats gonna hurt. Up she gets, not a sound, walks the rest of the steps and then it came out, I would say she was that sore/shook she couldn’t breath or cry the poor thing. They probably would have got 20K for that in Ireland!

Exact thing happened to my wife! Feeding the cats for one of the neighbours while they where away. Slipped on ice and came down on it bad and was in bits…

Commonly known as one’s tail-end.

Where will this …. …

Broken tailgate?

Mrs Oh has a chronic and acute pain in the hoop. She has to use a special Ortho yoke for any long period sitting.
Keeps 'er busy so!


It’s just THE WORST pain in the world & unlike any other kind of normal pain. It’s this deep, booming, horrible throb that’s only there when you bend over. I went for a 5k hike the day after the fall & was fine. But bending down to take the hiking boots off nearly killed me. Whoever experiences a bruised tailbone has my deepest sympathies.


it’s very very painful. i too by osmosis and been married absorbed the pain too.

Hope @Tayto doesn’t sack all the moderators and install this so that he can become the next Bill Gates of lagerland

But what if Tays IS a chat bot and has been one for years…then what? :face_with_monocle: