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Must be one of the worst defeats for Celtic of all time. Great start for Rodgers…

Gas stuff. If the hard border had already been in place they might not have been able to go to Seville to drown their sorrows

Football is finished up there - Celtic were fucked without rangers - despite the few celtic fans i know saying that they didnt need them, standard has slipped beyond repair and the money has dried up. Rodgers is a spoofer as a pundit on rte may say, he’ll turn it around but he wont be there for long.

Bohs would not lose to those lads. At the best of times I could never understand the huge contingent that goes to Glasgow every game … now it’s just beyond belief altogether …

First British team to win the European Cup… Sure why wouldn’t ya?

50 years next year. Not a player from further than 40 miles away?? Now not one from nearer than 400 min. Lisbon Lions … now Parkhead p*****s …



Gave up on it since I got rid of Setanta and not seeing games regularly . That’s a shocking result in fairness but Strachan had a similar bogey opener in Europe too . But I will be keeping an eye on it now that their best buds are back in the top flight .

Celtic 1-0 up against Astana. Griffiths penalty right at half time.

1-1 :rage:

Finished 2-1, last minute peno plus they had 2 players sent off.
What’s the chances of Dundalk in the next round?

1 in 6 chance I think. Be a great draw for Dundalk in fairness

Teams Dundalk can draw:

Seeded Teams:

Legia Warsaw
Red Bull Salzburg
Viktoria Plzen

Hapoel Beer Sheeva
Dinamo Zagreb

Brings back memories of a European Cup Meeting in the late seventies ('79 possibly) - think it finished 3-2 to Celtic at Parkhead and I was lucky enough to get a ticket for the return leg in Oriel Park - finished 0-0 but was a tight and tense contest.

And that was just with the local wans in the towwwwwwwwn Rufus, hay?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ha ha!!

What was it the dude wrote on the beach in the old Football Championship ad…

…“I Love Louth!”

Some great memories of my times in Dundalk!! :zipper_mouth:

And the beach was in Meath!

You auld scamp! :sunglasses:

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