Scottish Independence Referendum

2nd Independence Referendum called by Nicola Sturgeon. To be held sometime between Autumn 2018 and Spring 2019. Would be hugely ironic if Brexit lead to the complete collapse of the UK with this if it happens and possible Reunification here.

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Is that certain? Has Sturgeon the legal right to call for it? Or does she need permission from Theresa Maybe?

Don’t think she gives a ■■■■. Her attitude seems to be if May “won’t consult with us over Brexit why should we consult with them over an Indy ref.” Problem the better together crowd will have this time is a lot of the argument was based on Europe. Brexit is a huge game changer

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She needs clearance from Westminster…

From BBC website…

“Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed she will ask for permission to hold a second referendum on Scottish independence.
Ms Sturgeon said she wanted a vote to be held between the autumn of 2018 and the spring of the following year.
The Scottish first minister said the move was needed to protect Scottish interests in the wake of the UK voting to leave the EU.
She said she would ask the Scottish Parliament next week to request a Section 30 order from Westminster.
The order would be needed to allow a fresh legally-binding referendum on independence to be held.”

Good luck with that, Nicola.

Think they have to give it though. Seem to recall that the Scots would be entitled to call another referendum if anything changed within the UK dramatically. Brexit meets that criteria obviously.

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The ramifications of Cameron’s gamble are becoming clearer by the day. One of the most damaging political miscalculations of all time.

Within a generation you could see an independent Scotland and possibly a United Ireland (it is certainly more plausible now than at any other time).

And the Tories did it. Delicious.


And UKIP!!! Lets not forget them would make it even sweeter

I think a lot of UKIP voters would want Scotland to break away. UKIP have no base in Scotland, as long as Scotland is part of the union, UKIP’s influence is weaker. It will be very easy for UKIP and little-England-minded Tories to get behind the feeling that London and the South East of England subsidises the rest of the UK.

The Irony for the UKIPPERS that they don’t see is that it would no longer be the UK if s
Scotland breaks away.

It would ruin Britain’s chances of winning the Davis Cup again. :slight_smile:

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Is Tim Henman still knocking around??

full disclosure - I had to Google the Davis Cup

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I often wonder how much the likes of UKip and the Tories value the union. Is it something they believe in or merely an attachment to the inital parts, but now last remnants, of the empire they are clinging to? Some no doubt are little Englanders so they’ll get their wish, and might even see it as a positive in the sense of not having to support, as they see it, the regions. I wonder about the rest.

On the north, if anything the peace process has demonstrated to the unionists and loyalists that the UK government want rid of the whole lot, once it’s on acceptable terms. I don’t think the latest generations are too wedded to the flag and drums etc, as they are too preoccupied, like everybody else, on the reality of making ends meet.


Sturgeon made her announcement on Commonwealth Day.
The South African government has also announced today that Durban will NOT host the 2022 Commonwealth Games due to financial constraints.
Are you getting the message, Mrs Windsor?
Are you getting the message, John Bruton?

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“Sturgeon Fishes for 2nd Referendum”… Bad pun news story of the day?

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Hello Irony…


Could work out to be political suicide for Sturgeon , but I’m sure glad she’s going for it. The look of fury on that wretch May’s face was phenomenal. Mind you she looks like that most days. If it removes even an iota of pep from the Tory step I’m all for it.

(That’s the first time I’ve used the word iota in a typed sentence)

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May has basically ignored Scotland, couldn’t have pushed the snp anymore if she tried, hope the score go for it this time.

I hope they he EU offers to fast track then back into the union.

It all sounds great but the truth is EU is fooked, as such. None of this will really matter in the greater scheme. Greed, and disconnected power(bankers), and Europe on the slide not able to compete with Asia, or SAmerica. Europe is scrambling to get more attached to the balance of power(Asia), and detach from the increasingly mad, desperate US. Whilst vulture, mad, resourced, tooled up Russia represents the world’s wild card. Meanwhile the Middle East is, well, in the middle. With oil.

How long before China gets dragged in to a conflict that America will start with the Middle East, and Russia will dive into whilst trying to play all sides? Europe will perhaps merely be a place to launch attacks from/in.

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