Sean Cavanagh retires

Obviously biased…but will go down as one of the greats.

Hogan Cup winner, AI Minor, AI U21, 3 x AIs, 6 x Ulster, POTY, 5 x All stars…captain of Ireland.

Any player who gives 16 years to a county - regardless of where they’re from - deserves respect.


You’ll get no argument from me there. One of the best I’ve ever seen.

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Wonderful footballer and a lovely guy off the pitch .

The respect and admiration for him from all the Dublin players at the end of the game, was lovely too see. Very genuine.

Not a hope in hell, they’d react like that towards that Donaghy gobshyte.


Fantastic player, personally will miss him and what he brought to the game.

Wonderful footballer, great servant to his club and county and a genuinely nice fella too. Tóg go bog é Sean.

Yeah, that was a lovely spontaneous gesture.

Mutual respect and understating among IC players who know the commitment and sacrifice that it takes.

One if the northern greats in my football watching time.

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Great player thought it was fitting that he came back this year after how last year ended.
Always loved his trademark little shimmy that defenders bought every time.


He done us some harm over the years,but you can’t take away what a class footballer he is,

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absolute gentleman

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A good man on and off the pitch. Really enjoyed watching him too. Sometimes not so much tho’ … :flushed:


Funnily enough, I initially thought MH did him a disservice by subbing him off on what was to be his last match but it actually led to a really nice, spontaneous scenario as our players were almost lining up to wish him the best.

Off the top of your head, @upthedall what was his best season for you?

For me it would be 2003 when he was a brilliant youngster.

Played well in 2005 but so many other good players.

2008 when he was Tyrone’s motm in the final v Kerry. He ended up POTY that season. Captained Ireland that year also.

And last he rolled back the years when he landed some great points in the Ulster final v Donegal.

He’s from the Moy which is right on the Armagh border…100m south and history could’ve be different.

Nothing but respect for him. I was 4 when he made his debut so I very literally grew up idolising him.

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Happy retirement to the great man.
His peak years were when Dublin were struggling under Lyons and then Caffrey. How we could have done with someone like him back then.

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He was one of the greats of the game.

Every time I think of him I just think of his side step/ dummy, everyone knew it was coming but still very hard to stop.

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Some player and very humble man. That interview he gave yesterday to BBC would bring a lump to your troath, was full of emotion and genuine to the last. Was delighted and proud to see our lads pay homage to him, only fitting. Cavanagh said in that interview you just have to bow to a greater force and Gods knows many a player the length and breath of Ireland bowed to him in the heat of play. Enjoy your retirement Sean you deserve it.


Was that interview done pitch side? Pity RTE are still getting the cold shoulder. Although, their playing Total Eclipse of the Heart at the closing credits doesn’t do them any favours, given their track record with trying to be cute their Tyrone related musical choices. If it was any other county or any other manager, it would be funny, but not with MH.

Pity about that ban on RTE. I know a lot stemmed from playing Pretty little from Omagh…not long after Michaela Harte was killed.

But I thought they might patch things up in the background-especially with a new sponsor. But was a thoughtless skit.