Sean Cox go fund me

There’s a go fund me page for the Dunboyne GAA man who was attacked in Liverpool, to help support his family over there and to pay any medical costs.


You’d like to think AFC Roma and UEFA would make some donations.

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Reports that LFC will have a Dunboyne jersey hanging in their dressing room for the next home game. That’s from The Mirror so could be BS. I hope it’s not, lovely touch.

Just about to reach the €30k - fair play!

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Kilbane was saying the same on OTB

What is the latest on his situation, does anyone know?

Glad to here those being charged are being done so with attempted murder and not assault causing GBH or with affray.

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According to the news the charges are different.

Filippo Lombardi, 20, has been charged with violent disorder and wounding/inflicting grievous bodily harm and Daniele Sciusco, 29, is charged with violent disorder.

C*nts. Maybe I got it wrong and they were arrested on suspicion of.

An attempted murder charge would not fly. Was very surprised to hear that yesterday

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Yeah it’s what they were arrested on suspicion of would be very hard to make it stick

Latest seems to be he’s still in a coma and the next 48 hours are crucial for him going off news reports.

Fund over €72k now. Hope he comes through this now - next 24 crucial I think. :pray:t3:


New fundraiser announced for the Sean Cox fund

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Fair play to John Bishop. He wouldn’t be my favourite comedian (I don’t dislike him) but he seems like a really decent bloke.