Seasons Greetings 2020

Just wanted to post my best wishes to all Res Dubs, both of the blue variety and those from other counties who make this place so much fun (as well as annoying at times). Also a particular thanks to the Mods for keeping the place going and at times, putting manners of some.

Seriously, after the shit year covid has given us, it was an escape from all the madness to come here at times for the banter, slagging etc.

Hopefully there’s lighter times ahead as the vaccine is rolled out, but until then let’s all stay safe and look forward a Magnificent Seven.

Merry Christmas & COYBIB :christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree:


Merry Christmas Lads and Lassies. 2020 was a god awful year on a personal level and in general with a few exceptions. 6 in a row definitely brought some cheer to the end of the year. Extra Special given it looked at the beginning we wouldn’t get a championship at all this year. Onwards and upwards to 2021 there’s light at the end of the tunnel which please God means there’ll be at the very least some of us in Croker in July to witness the Magnificent Seven


Nollaig Shona a chairde, bain taitneamh as, agus bígí cúramach.


Wishing you all and yours a happy, peaceful and safe Christmas. We can only hope Christmas 2021 will look more recognisable with fewer empty seats at the dinner table.


A happy Xmas to all.

A mad year…def put things into perspective…whether it’s family or work or school or sport just the simple things.

Hopefully next yr we all get back to normal.

Until then…have a safe one. (And Ulster says no to Magnificent Seven!)


Ulster says no … Quelle Surprise :rofl::rofl: :santa:t2:


But the Man from Del Monte said Yes…


Happy chrimbo ,each and every one of yas


I didn’t want to be a “Bobby-Bad-News” and bring people down on Xmas week - so I kept my particular tale of anguish private, until now.

This Xmas, in typical 2020 style, is an onerous and Byzantine one in the Roman household. Edita, our cleaner, returned to Poland during the last lockdown and has left Mrs Roman and I high-and-dry for the party season. So, we’ve had to prepare the house ourselves for the Big Day tomorrow (for which my capacious hospitality for the select few is, no doubt, fabled). It’s been a struggle - but have no fear, a struggle we are more than equal to.

On the good news front, I’ve been informed that the dispiriting chatter concerning Maura Ryan leaving the 'hood is somewhat premature. Apparently, no takers after almost 6 months for Gerry’s two million euro house (frontage on a busy road with no back garden).

So, when all is lost but “hope”, then just like that, all is saved.

Thus, on that bright note, Xmas beckons. Don’t overdo it with the eggnog, chaps.

Skål - as our dear friends in Sweden say - to your good health!


a happy, healthy, victorious, pious, environmentally-friendly, well-lubricated, tariff-free and fun-filled Christmas to all the ressers and resserettes. a huge thanks to the mods for their hard work over the year and the site remains one of the best places to learn and swap stories that i know of in the virtual world. our honarary ressers from the west and north who continue to be great contributors i think is a fine compliment for the administrators and members alike. Nollaig faoi shonas 's faoi shuaimhneas d’achan duine ar an suíomh. Áth Cliath go daingean 's go deo!!




Could be worse…no more of this little boll** for another 12 months…


That elf looks like me on a night out pissing into pots.

Not even me would have the nerve to flog that !


Yuletide Felicitations One and All. Santa was good to us this year.

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If your stuck for a cleaner I can send mine around to sort you Roman. Just drop me a line.


Well we’ve made it this far, folks, which says something given the year that’s been. And I’m not being flippant here.

The GAA has been a godsend for the sanity of so many this year (and what’s more, yis all now know what it’s like for those of us abroad to get our regular GAA fix from a screen…sufferin’ jaysus) and the mods on here are most worthy of a grateful nod too.

So, eat, drink & do your best to be merry. Make the best of the Christmas as we recharge in preparation for season 2021 (and all the other stuff too).
I’ll have whatever Sam is having. Hic!


Literally only finished a forensic re-watch of the Final there. Between this Christmas nonsense and work it’s been a challenge. What an incredible way to end such a tumultuous (polite term for absolute cnut/b*stard of a) year. As a far more intelligent man than me wrote, ‘life is a rollercoaster, just gotta ride it’. Came in from a gammy night shift (place decimated with staff out, worst I’ve seen in almost 20 years of an illustrious career) to find out the misses is expecting again. So between the boys in blue on Saturday and that, the year was destined to end positively (I think) for me this year, gracias Allah, or whomever.

Anyway Merry Christmas and hopefully a safe and happy New Year to all on here. As above, special mention to the mods. Mucho gratitude and respect. I’m sure we absolutely wreck your heads, especially Tayto’s and Parish. Peace to all, hopefully the back 9 is easier for everyone

Just a final word on those departed. Very tough year in that respect, including our own Unbelievable. Sound man, shared many a good yarn with him. Hopefully he enjoyed the six from up above.


Congratulations, a great end to the year for you.


Merry Christmas one and all. Drink, eat and be Merry.