Second favourite do you eat yours?

Got thinking…who’s your second favourite county and why?

Could be parentage, loved ones, holiday memories, provincial loyalties…or you just like them.

I’ve spent all my adult life in Tyrone…kids involved with the clubs and county. As with the wife. So it’s obvious.

Outside of that…probably Donegal. Spent summers up there, my own kids went to Gaeltacht etc. And they’ve a nice accent.

Oh…and had a few teenage courts up there. Teen discos and it still bright outside. They were the days

I always had a soft spot for the six occupied counties in the 70’s and 80’s due to what they had to endure.

My Mother was from Clare so I also have a soft spot for them.


After that I’ve switched loyalties to Dublin :wink:




Mother’s father grew up on a farm on the Dublin/Wickla border, so she spent lots of time there as a kid & so did we.

Magical, magical place & just heartstoppinly beautiful.

If I ever win the Lotto, number 1 on the list is a cottage in Enniskerry with views of Sugarloaf & the river Dargle running through the back garden.

Win the Euro Millions and it’s buy Powerscourt & lock the gates.


I’m a sucker for scenery and countryside myself.

Been in Wicklow a few times. In fact we stayed there in 08 the weekend of the QF (sorry to ruin the moment!) and did a tour the next day. Beautiful spot.

I have an abiding love of Kerry football, I remember watching them during Dublin’s drought before 2011 make mince meat out of us and thinking why can’t we do this , why can’t we flow and pass and score and finish out a game . Well, now we can :blush:
( but I still have a sneaky regard for them) and I’m fairly confident that when our great run ends eventually, it will be at the hands of Kerry.

:arrow_up: :arrow_up: :arrow_up:

Banned !


Clare! Absolutely love the banner!

Sorry… not sorry.

Have to confess I liked Kerry.

We’d posters of those Kerry teams on the PE hall.

Seemed like giants of football when you were a kid.

Was in Killarney, ring of Kerry etc a few years ago. Lovely spot.

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Always feel a mutual respect with them behind all the slagging and blaggarding.
Lovely spot to visit too.

Clare hurling team of the 90s really caught my imagination when i was only becoming exposed to hurling for the first time as a youngster.

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Wicklow, far and away the most beautiful part of Ireland imo.

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It is !

Drive from the Sally Gap towards Roundwood & get out for a gawk at Lough Tay from on high.

It’s right up there with anything Kerry or Connemara have to offer.

Tyrone fucking love them and their lovely county. They bring so much hair, color and profanities to match day and make ya feel welcome when you are up there. Play lovely football, are god fearing folk and make great ham sangwhiches.


Dancing at the crossroads, Courtown , 1798, Larry O Gorman , The Stores !


A more gullible man might think you’re taking the hand…or hair !!

But when you’re desperate…any compliment will do.

The banner for me as the wife is from there. No threat to the Dubs in football too.

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Jesus, I knew you were old, but not that old. Fair play !

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I actually like cork around Shanagarry - when I win the euros (just before Prouddub) I’ll be buying a holiday home down there