Second favourite do you eat yours?

Rossies, mother is from knockcrogery and their greatest player jimmy murray would have hailed from there. We would be down there at our granny’s for the summer and the gaggle of cousins that would be there was brilliant, plus we would have been made do a bit of work around the farm, so was brilliant seeing my uncle at work, jack of all trades and a strong work ethic learned down there.

Would love the openness of the place down there

As a result of being up there we would have been brought to connaught finals and roscommon games up there, so an additional love of the gaa was strengthened there on those great days out as a kid.

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Tipp and Kilkenny. My Grandad on my Da’s side was a Tipp man and my Grandmother on my Mam’s side was a Kilkenny woman.

Waterford, always spent holidays in Ring or Helvick. Unfairly left out of the Wild Atlantic Way, but maybe all the better for it.

Being 12/13 and up in Donegal - Gaeltacht area with a bunch of school friends.

Growing up in the troubles…for many kids in the north during the summer…Donegal was safe and an escape. It felt like a different world.

Away from home for their first time…up to good and bad…and no trouble.

It’s why I’ve such a soft spot for Donegal.



I admire Kerry but I don’t like them

Hate them all. Equally.


I’m embarrassed by this thread . Some of the shite on here these days is unreal


Keep an eye out for Leitrims results. Probably out of sympathy.
On the flip side, i cannot fcuking stand the sight of Kerry. Arrogance to their finger tips. Cannot bate them enough. I celebrate twice as much when we do them. We played them in a league final in 2017 I think, we wont but i cant remember the score…
Next in the pecking order are Kildare, Laois, and, Mayo. Not in love with Tyrone or Armagh but have an affinity for Down and its footballing tradition.

It was one of those while-it’s-quiet topics. The county you like most outside of your own.

For example I know a few Dubs here who’s da was from Donegal.

It wasn’t intended as the county you most dislike - that’s dangerous territory.

I personally don’t hate any football county. Not that incapable of it - just that football doesn’t get me that way.

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Kilkenny as my dad was from there. Always went to matches with him as a kid, thought Dublin didn’t have a hurling team for years!

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Roscommon & Sligo , folks are from there .

To visit for a few days it’s hard to beat Doolin and the Cliffs. Great people, great pubs, great food, great scenery. Lovely spot.

Is it just me, or does it take forbloodyever to get anywhere in Clare (west Clare in particular) than it does anywhere else in the whest of Ireland?

Clare. Then Antrim

Correct sir. But when you’re there on your holliers you don’t generally give a shite about traffic.

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Yes , roads are not great in west Clare .

Yeah, it’s all part of the craic 'tho. Heading down fuschia lined boreens and not knowing where it will take you, or where you will wind up. Just remember being there last summer and having to be in back in Lahinch and Liscannor by 7 in the evening and needing to leave a lot more time to get back, than you would if you were away off exploring the likes of Kerry or wherever.

The auld lad was from Doonbeg. Love the Banner.

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No wonder you love Trump

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Doonbeg took the soup but sure what can I do!

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