Senior player of the year before championship...let's have a guess

Honestly think Paul mannion will win this year…has it all on the big stage…

Are you from Raheny?


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No I am not…I am.just putting ot out there to see what.peoples opinions are…

Sound. Only messing. Cluxton I suppose

Cormac Costello

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I thought Aido had already won it, no? :thinking:


From a Dub perspective it has to be someone who will start finish most games, I will run C Kilkenny , marginally instead of Jack

CK. Though would love to see Con have a really great summer.

Con O’C - goal machine

One of the Brian’s



If Monaghan reach the semi-final again then McManus will get it.

If Kerry get to a semi Clifford.

If Mayo get to a final one of them.


Fenton to come back from his 85% slump year to rule land and air ably abetted by his Raheny compadre …

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we wont get anything and we’ll be told to stop whining sure havent we won enough. we’re bad winners and all that jazz. this is assuming we win the AI, of course.

Funny the way most suggestions are forwards! Stato, are forwards more likely to win it?

Not this decade, no.

Forwards - Berno, Alan, JO’D, Andy Moran.
Not forwards - Karl Lacey, MDMA, Jack Flash, Leroy, Fenton.
2019 - ???

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