Senior player of the year before championship...let's have a guess

Berno won his in the last decade… just saying.

Am sooooooo not going there mate. :rofl:

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Convinced that POTY is jinxed.

Winners seem to go flat or get injured the following season.

Can’t think of a winner who was as good the next year.

Which is my reason for not entering the handsomest Mr Omagh award. I’d win it hands down, but sure who’d want the bad luck.


Lot are edging towards the end when won it?
Lacey and Moran anyway.
MDMA a freak year, never get a winner like him again.

Good point. Not sure of the age profile.

S O’N won it in his prime back in ‘05…then missed the entire next season with ligament injury.

I suppose it takes massive effort to win the award - and on the back of winning an AI. So I guess those two factors alone make it almost impossible to keep form.

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Ah no. You’re right Daller. Even allowing for age/careers winding down, the stats are shockin’.

Most of this decades winners don’t just have an off year, or a year that didn’t live up to the previous years heights, they often have a bizarrely injury riddled year the following year. It’s beyond weird.

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You might be right PD with the injury…just thinking Lee K got injured as well the following season.

I suppose all winners will have had a long season and played out of their skin. So it’s feasible they’re more susceptible to injury.

Wonder what the stats say…

2010 Winner - Berno. Had a decent year in 2011. Was constantly double marked, so wasn’t nearly as productive as the year before, but still nabbed an All Star. He seems to have dodged the curse.

2011 Winner - Alan - Groin & hammer injuries in 2012 & in 2013 ruined his seasons. Did he ever regain the starting jersey?

2013 Winner - MDMA - Injury riddled 2014

2014 Winner - JO’D - Injury riddled 2015

2015 Winner - Jack Mc - took a year off/no physical issues that we know of.

2016 Winner - Leroy - injury riddled 2017.

2017 Winner - Andy Moran - never really going going in 2018, after a long off season break rehabbing various niggles.

2018 Winner - Fento The Great - ???

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That’s scary data…and seems fairly conclusive.

And you can can see why a POTY winner might be more susceptible to injury the following season.

Looking at the list above…are the Brogans the only 2 brothers to have won POTY?

No - the O’Se bros both won - Tomás in 04 & Marc in 07

Costello could kick the door in this year.

Forgot all about them thanks.

Or actually forgot about Marc in 07.

The altar boys both won the YPOTY twice … fcuking amazingly …

Leave them at it. They’ve won fcuk all else.

From left field . . . Rory O’Carroll


I work with a lad from Omagh (true story) who is as ugly as sin, he reckons that he only got ugly after breathing in Dublin air… Maybe he won the coveted handsomest Mr. Omagh before… The thick plottens.

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Didn’t know Ricey worked in Dublin

I thought you had me on mute… :slight_smile:

cue the “who said that” comment


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Is your man @Rochey still posting here?

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Who said that?