September 22 1974

Sunday September 22 marks the 45th anniversary Dublin’s 1st All Ireland win of the modern era.
Those of us who were there will remember a lovely sunny day when lads, who up to then knew nothing of Gaelic football, joined the bandwagon with their blue and white crepe paper hats (navy was only just introduced) and headed in great excitement to Croke Park to take on the Culchies at their own game. How things have changed for the better!!! 45 years on spare a thought today for “Heffo and the boys” they set the ball rolling on the great days since.


Was at the semi final but Da wouldn’t bring me to the final. One of few nights he did not come back before we went to bed :grinning:


Telly makes it look dark and dreary!

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I had been at club and county hurling matches in Croke Park before the Cork game and depressing would not really do that experience justice.

The excitement 1974 brought to us kids and not so much kids was phenomenal. Match of the Day and Big Match lost their allure for me.

The celebrations were great too. I was at two of them, in Counsel and Eight Acres where Emmets played. That was late October, the night of the Rumble in the Jungle which was at around 3am our time. Got woken up for that too. Great days.

It was a glorious day🌅especially for those of us who played and watched Gaelic football in the bleak years before. You didn’t even tell your friends before ‘74 that you had an interest in GAA or you would be laughed at and abused.


That’s right, I had a cassette tape in the 90s of Heffo interviewed about those days. He gives a great description of Lesley Deegan’s score against Offaly in the LChamp

Gaelic football was about as popular as a Jewish stripper in Gaza.

I always liked hurling and played soccer as well. Da and uncles used to insist on us taking part in Counsel football street leagues.

It was dreadful stuff. Gangs of young fellas, half of them with shaved heads and purple patches to kill lice chasing a bag filled with concrete. No. That was not for me.

Never really enjoyed playing football to be honest compared to hurling, but what a spectacle to see the Dubs then, and ever since. To be honest, would hardly watch any football match they were not involved in.

'74 changed everything!!! Before that my family had to run the gauntlet of “muckas” and culchies because we played GAA… 300 at most at Dublin matches in Croke Pk. Then it happened!!! I was still gargled the next morning in school and was sent home…The follwing year there was a 40 seater bus from the family’s local going to a league match in Tralee and you could have filled it twice over. Folk who prior to 74 wouldn’t have had a notion about Gaelic games now decked out in all their colours… I was on the Dublin minor hurling team that year and I was on that bus and I was treated like a king because I played minor for Dublin and by Jaysus did I lap it up!!! What a changearound from not declaring to most that I played GAA prior to that… Wonderful years ensued, win lose, or draw… Most of those same people on that bus and other busses after who are still alive still follow the Dubs passionately today…



Nominating that for the elusive QOTW!!!

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