Serie A


I’d say the Roma fan page is hopping tonight :sob::sob:


Twonks. That’s what you get for (almost certainly!) dabbling, good enough for them.

You’d think this thread would be much busier with so many Ressers being avid Roma fans…

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They are all over on the league of Ireland thread wondering where the mighty Wes is going to end up :wink:


Juve losing 2-1 to ten man Inter at the moment. Big boost for Napoli if it stays like this. Napoli going for their first league title since the days of Maradonna

Juve jammy ***** two goals in a minute to win 3-2

Christy Ronaldo gone to Juve. £88m rising to £105m with add ons

The Grand Old Lady of Turin … perfect.

Be better suited to Rooney


Wonder who Real have lined up ?
Neymar would just stir the pot nicely .

Hope he lives up to Ronnie o brien , voted time magazines man of the century when he was with Juventus a few years back. Never played a single minute in serie a but almost proved Bryan Robson wrong . After robbo released him from Middlesbrough Ronnie told him I ll see you when I m playing for AC Milan. Close .


This is outrageous. What next?! Hill 16 is male only?

If they banned bodhrans and wimmin fro the hill the world would be a better place


Who would bring the sambos, the baby Jaegers in the handbag, and hold yer jacket?


Gattuso appointed Napoli manager. I don t get football owners logic . Gattuso has the intelligence of a hamster , failure at every club he has attempted to manage .

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Might have a smidgeen to do with corruption? Just a wild guess!