Serious n urgent

Does anyone know a good singer who cud go to a city center restaurant on Monday … All I need him to do is for 2 songs ( first any Percy French song followed by Molly Malone ) …around. 9 pm … If u do and no bullshit as its last minute for me bro who is 60… Am in Singapore n wud like to surprise him… No site replies please unless taking de Mickey outta me … Any serious replies I am happy to pay for


Sorry Amsterdam, no clue

Have sent a few texts for ya, will let you know this evening

There’s a young guy used to do covers in Porterhouse bars around the city, I’ll try remember his name, serious talent, possibly the right kind of voice for proper songs like those, with a slightly younger touch

This episode was on Gold the other night and is one of the best episodes with a brilliant quote from Del at the end.

“Hang about, Tony. I’ve got you some more bookings. Stick with me, son, I’ll make you wich!”

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Hey lads … Got it sorted :+1:…thanks for all de replies …

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