SFC ‘1’ & ‘2’ 2018 Gradings

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Are more recent Champo results given a higher weighting here?

Surprised to see Cuala & TSS in SFC2 for example

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Is it open draw for the groups?

The 4 semi-finalists from 2017 will be seeded in Senior A. all the rest are not.

There are already 16 first teams in the Inter (i think), how can UCD be relegated?
Stick them in with the 2nds…or not at all…

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Parenlls in the senior champo😂

Ye parnells been there is stupid, it’s based on games won over last five yesrs. It reason parnells won any games was they the had paid outsiders there, now they’ve nothing. They should Be in the 2nd, surely tss,cuala, Davis, maurs should be there instead of them

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Realisticly it should be SFC 1= divison 1 and maybe swap raheny with one team and SFC 2= divison 2

AFAIK there’s 17 in inter not sure if anyone has gotten dropped down yet so I doubt UCD will be going to inter, correct me if I’m wrong now but this seems like all of the 1st teams in inter :

  1. Lusk
  2. Finians S
  3. Trinity Gaels
  4. Barrog
  5. Boughal
  6. Barrs
  7. Mags
  8. Clan na Gael
  9. Clan mhuire
  10. Scoil
  11. Donabate
  12. Craobh
  13. Garda
  14. Marks
  15. Good counsel
  16. Odwyers
  17. Otooles

Apologies, I missed GC as they weren’t in the first round (got a bye).
Will this mean a Group (or two depending on UCD) of 5…how will this work?

Does anyone know if all the proposals for 2018 were adopted last night specifically the changes to the leagues with 3 up and 3 down and whether the fixture plan is as it was??

Ye all ratified

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Grand job thanks

From May to Break in July, 8 out of 10 league games are midweek

Do three teams go up and 3 teams down now In all divisions ?

Except 10 and 11 I think or maybe it’s just 11…1 of those statements are true :joy:

Any objections go in ?

Is it true that T Davis have appealed SFC gradings to Leinster council?

Someone has. Some suggestion that it was TD alright.