SFC ‘1’ & ‘2’ 2018 Gradings

On what basis?

No idea. I presume they wanted to be in the A championship. I think I may have read they are going on a technicality but at the end of the day CCC have total autonomy over gradings so I’m not sure how they hope to succeed, even on a technicality.

They ware suppose to be at Leinster council tonight . Anyone here how it went

Surely, it would be better for them to go with SFC B year 1 as graded (win it - based on their firm belief that they should be in SFC A) and then move on from there having got a success to bring players through and generate some momentum at SF in club.

(Have Parnells requested a drop down from A as doesn’t seem to make much sense for them to be in A, though based on DCB gradings, I don’t think TD are next in line)

Given their recent history on appeals, one would assume if they lose at Leinster council, TD will leave it there.

Rumour has it TD won appeal? What happens now?

They get whipped and knocked out at the group stage


I’d love to know how. If it was on a technicality then CCC just do it over again but this time correctly. Can’t see how Leinster Council can intrruct a CCC on gradings. Not allowed by rule book.

Rule 7.11

(e) There shall be no Appeal:
(1) Against a decision of the Central Council or of any
Unit in implementing such a decision.:
(2) Outside the County, against a decision of a County
Committee or, as appropriate in Rule, of one of its
Sub-Committees with regard to:
(i) Transfers within a County,
(ii) Grading of Clubs and Players,
(iii) Arrangements for the date and venue of
a Game (provided that required notice is
(iv) Appointments of Referees, and
(v) The Adminis

PP have lengthen odds on both Vincents and ballymun from 7/2 to 5/1 with news that TD are back in the SFC A…they’ll be no handy SFC won now in 2018…:joy:

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I doubt they are back in. The process will have to be done again. They may still not make it.

Won it on a technicality what a mess county board now have to appeal if they win appeal Davis can go to DRA . Only in the gaa

what was the technicality ?

Not necessarily. Depending on the technicality CCC could just start the process again while doing it right this time. We’d have to know what the technicality is though.

Could we be looking at a delay? Will they get it sorted by April as planned

They will if clubs don’t lodge appeals continuously. Can’t imagine any club would be thanked for any further hold up.

My understanding if an appeal held up on a technicality means CCC repeat the process while tidying up the mistakes. No reason they can’t do that quickly.

I’d imagine they will.
SFC A 1st round in April finishing with TD lifting the cup in October.

In fairness to TD, any ranking system that placed Parnells ahead of TD is clearly horseshit! Parnells would be highly unlikely to get within 10 points of TD in a championship match.

Personally I don’t really care that Maurs are in B. We are clearly one of the best 16 and so should be in A, but no chance of winning it, whereas we’ll be one of the top 2 or 3 favs to win the B.

If they let the B winners into Leinster intermediate ( or a playoff with the Dublin inter winners as happens in some counties I believe), I’d be delighted to be in B


Senior b is inter. End of story. It’s a joke that it’s being called senior b to fool teams into thinking they’re senior but denies players a decent chance at a good club Leinster run at a minimum

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Winner Should go on and represent the county at inter level. League should have been taking into account at some stage when doing the gradings. Simple

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Any update on this? Have DCB appealled?

Gradings for the various adult Club and All County Football Championships will be presented to County Committee for ratification on Monday week (19th) (subject to an appeal to C.A.C. Croke Park). If gradings are ratified CCC hope to have the draws made before the end of February.