SFC ‘1’ & ‘2’ 2018 Gradings

DCB won the appeal at CAC in Croke Park last night. Davis going to DRA now!

Davis should really cop on. If they’re as good as they think they are they’ll walk the B and be in the A next year.

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On What basis are they appealing it?

They don’t learn lessons of history fighting rows they shouldn’t even pick

They deserve to be there. Sure they got to the All Ireland final in 1991

Going to the DRA is a nonsense. Someone needs to explain to Davis that the rules are quite clear. You cannot appeal a grading. Whatever technicality they appealed on does not alter that substantive issue. Absolute balderdash holding everything up like this.

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I presume DRA is final step? Anyone know how long this appeal will take? If county board won appeal at CAC I can’t imagine much will change will it

DRA is final step, no time limit on it as far as I am aware ??

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FInal step. But you never know with the DRA. You’re into the realm so of legal eagles. I didn’t see any way DC could have been cleared a few years back. But he was.

Very disappointed with TD here.

Do the winners of SF2 2018 go through to SF1 in 2019 ?

Ah, once they started the appeal, they may as well go the whole hog.

Hasn’t delayed anything, has it? First league games going ahead as scheduled this weekend, absolutely no impact on them.

As I said before, the method used by the DCB to do the grading was nonsense, and win or lose I don’t begrudge TD highlighting the DCB’s nonsense. How some supposedly intelligent individuals could stand over the result of their “scientific” grading system, and not go “Ah hold on, this is nonsense, we need to re-think”, I don’t know.

Exactly, one look at the “1” championship showing a division 3 team and a quick look at the “2” championship showing a division 1 finalist should have set the alarm bells ringing that the system used was flawed

There are teams who perform well in leagues who can’t do it in championship. So if you haven’t performed in championship on the pitch you only have yourself to blame. My own club are now in B for 2018. We can have no complaints as we didn’t do anything of note for the last three years in championship despite doing well in the league.

Is your club outside the top 16 in Dublin?

Yes. The winners of Senior 2 get promoted to Senior 1 for 2019.

One team will also drop down to from 1 to 2.

Doesn’t matter how nonsensical it was. It is their absolute right to do so. TD know this. And if they don’t they need to get someone who knows the rule book to explain it to them.

they will look some clowns if the cant win senior 2 in 2018 presuming DRA throws them out


Like the people in Leinster who upheld there appeal?
Easy to pontificate when your club is safe . I admire them for fighting .
Would if it had of been done 20 years ago and possible vins missed out on a champ would the attitude be the same .

Yes it would be the same. Going to the DRA over grading is ridiculous. The rule book couldn’t be any more clear on the fact that you cannot appeal a grading. I e no idea what Leinster upheld. Could have been a technicality. Could have been a clueless committee. Either way gradings are not appealable. TD wasting time, and money now.

So clueless committees are non existent in Dublin ?
Do you know the exact ground of the td appeal? ( I don’t btw )