Shit music, Take my effort and beat it!

Ash on the Late Late tonight. Flicking through and heard Ash were coming on, so stalled the ball for a moment. Oh my Jeysus… Their song “Buzz kill” is like a pre-teen school band’s first effort!!

I challenge you to beat that… Specific songs please… As some artists will always be just s**t!

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I won’t bother.
Ash… Always were/are shit.

Nathan Carter. Music for people that don’t really like music.


Ah, you hedging geebag… I see snuck an edit in there!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Ok… Wagon Wheel.


Can’t disagree. That said, I’ve edited the OP to make it clearer what I meant, your worst song ever… No matter the artist. you must beat the previous nomination by common sense*

*I’m fully aware it’s not common.

Daniel motherfucker O’Donnell. HATE THAT FUCKIGN MUSIC.

"We built this city on rock and roll "by Jefferson Starship is the worst song ever. It’s liked by people who don’t really like music at all. I can imagine Nigel Farage dancing and clicking his fingers to it.
And from a band that brought White Rabbit to the world. Shame on them.


Right up there even though there are some genius lyrics …

You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere

And then they had a great song for the film Sliding Doors

Hated this focking song…

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Anything by Rev. Willie McCrea.


Ah no , not having that .

“Nothing’s gonna stop us now” was almost as bad.

Aj that song was played to death at my 6th class disco.

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Game, set and match!


Not so fast…


I’ll see your Michael Bolton and raise you an um bop!

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