Shop Irish this Christmas

An important thread to have every year and this year specifically.
Probably could have started it a few weeks ago but anyway.


I’ve seen this guys work a good bit. Some nice gifts there for GAA fans if you’ve a look on his page. He’s on Instagram too.


You know you’ve watch far too much Dublin football when you remember what games each of those pictures comes from!


Who is yer man in the top left? :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Ah stop you’re not being serious?


when i was buying college books last month i noticed that I was saving almost €150 going through amazon. the lad in charge of college books dot ie challenged me on that, so i compared the one book he had in stock on my list and the amazon one. He said “sure you’re only saving €25 on that one”

One of the books was €5 on amazon and €23 in Easons.

Gotcha :joy: :joy: :joy:

To be fair he didn’t get up to much once he hung up the boots. Easily forgotten.

Made in Tallaght, seem to be out the door so don’t leave it too late to order

I’m all for supporting local and buying irish but its often so very disappointing when it comes for like for like comparison.

With Santy on the way it was cheaper for me to buy a bike for one of the kids through Sports Direct via with UK myaddresspal. €147 compared to €225 via either Littlewoods Ireland or a very similar spec bike for €235 via online irish shops all over the country.

It was a no brainer.

Where I find a deal that the price and/or postage isnt extortion I’ll happliy support.


Jim Gavin

Butchers in Edenmore Apparently

Hope he has a drinks license or he will coming after you for squealing on him.

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You shouldn’t need a licence to sell that. Sure it’s not beer :grin:


Those are the American imports, they can be 5.5%. There was a supermarket in nenagh that sold them.

5.5 bud? That’s more than the entire stock in the US would have taken together.

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Only saving €25 :rofl:

Sure that’s the cost of almost 5 pints ffs.

We are getting a new TV for Christmas. Local lad looking for €550 for it, same in Tesco €420 same on amazon €380.

Local lad selling me a bike for €450 and I’ve been paying it off here and there as I’m not pushed (lol) for it till spring. Of course I can find it now for €300 online (second hand prices)

The local lads have supplied the in laws (and us for the tvs) for years and have loads of local customers but ■■■■ me they are robbing them.

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update on local TV lad.

he was trying to sell us a panasonic 55 inch LED for €800.

go on, look it up.

between him, easons, the bike lad and a few others I think we were looking at about €600 of a rip off by going local. They may as well have a saddle outside the door for you to put on as you walk in.