Should the All-Ireland finals be moved to a Saturday evening?

Just a thought that occurred to me that I prefer the Saturday evening kick off to the Sunday afternoon one. Most finals are now played on Saturday evenings and it might suit the GAA.

Only in the even years .

You’ve been reading my mind.

It’s worth a discussion alright. Granted, the players have days following the final booked off most likely but for the families of the players & supporters in general it allows them be there fully to deal with the homecomings, win or lose, without having to juggle the Monday to Friday routine.

Traditionalists will probably have a canary though.

It’d make it easier to get Mass on the Sunday alright.

Indeed we would!

Sunday 3.30 is fine with me. Don’t know about anyone else but I wasn’t mad about the floodlights in the dusk at all.

So I’ll take the status quo thanks…

Alan - were you the guy in front of me who started crying when it got dark?

Yep. With the cloves of garlic around my neck and all :smiley:


The novelty of an AI Football final under lights will have turned heads a bit I’d say.

I heard the Cork v Clare hurling replay from 2013 mentioned a number of times in the lead-up to this Saturday regarding the electricity of an evening throw-in. Now I ain’t no neutral in the case of yesterday but I’d guess many found watching on from outside of Croker found it gripping. Thereby some will say the lights added to both occasions. But All-Ireland finals are more often than not electric events, lights or no lights.

The Saturday of the third week would sort it out, but I would prefer it changed as part of a more radical shake up of the whole fixture list.

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Give me a throw-in ahead of a kick-off anytime.


That was me, I forgot the time and thought I was having a stroke.

Reminds me of the time the streaker ran across the convent yard. One of the nuns had a stroke. The other wasn’t quick enough.

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I was saying this after the first final on the Sunday, except my idea was better! The government really should make the Monday after the All Ireland final a bank holiday. The amount of extra money it would generate with the culchies staying up overnight plus the pubs jammers on the Sunday night. Makes sense. Also I wouldn’t have to take the Monday and Tuesday off

Feck it - make it a week!

Na seriously though, making the Monday a banker would make sense. Sure, I’d end up taking Tuesday off too, but at least it would only be one day holiday instead of 2

A Bank Holiday only if Dublin win it - that might gain us unlikely support in places such as Nobber and Ardee.