Sigerson Cup 2021


Students can’t go into college but this is still on? Rant over, as youse were.

Apparently they’re planning on playing it in October


Fair enough, I’ll stop being a grumpy prick!! :joy::yum:

Something else for club teams to complain about if it overlaps with the Club Championships.

Club championships prob only be 5 games this year. Should be finished in time

Tom Crean was an Annauscaul man, wasn’t he


The South Pole Inn.
He was.

Sigerson and Fitzgibbon cups will not take place this year (in 2021)

Just got a flashback with that! I was in a pub down that way many moons ago - 25+ years I’d say. I remember going into a pub up a mountain in the middle of nowhere. Lovely spot and there was a pulpit in it (yes) and some old skis. I’m thinking maybe the skis had something to do with Tom Crean?!

Must have been. Not a lot of Winter Sports in West Kerry afaik !

Summer hunt for Sam hasn’t gone well lately, either.