Sin Bin Ladies Football

Here’s an interesting one.

I was at a match last night and a player was sin binned.
Immediately after the yellow card the referee let the players take a water break, this lasted about 5 mins.

There were calls to let the player come back on 10 minutes after the yellow card was given, but the ref didn’t let it happen.
He eventually let her back on after 13 minutes, so looks like he split the difference as he probably wasn’t sure if he should have 10 mins of match time, or 10 minutes including the water break.

As far as I know the water break isn’t an official thing in Ladies Football, so does anyone know which way it should have been?
10 mins from when the card was shown? Or 15 mins to include the 5 minute water break?

It’s 10 minutes playing time not elapsed time so ref was right to wait 15 minutes as you put it which included the 5 minute water break

10 minutes playing time I would presume

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It’s 10 mins playing time, if game is stopped for any reason the time stops and resumes when play restarts.

Thanks for the replies.
So when you say if the game is stopped for any reason the time stops? So should that count for all stoppages?
Injuries? Retrieving the ball before a kickout? Timewasting for a free? etc.

The official line is 10 mins playing time. So yes any break in play at all should not count in the sin bin time. I suppose hard to police for a ref keeping an exact eye on that time on top of everything else. At county level the 4th official is in charge of keeping an eye on that side of things.

Thanks for the replies!
It didn’t impact the game at all, but was just curious what happens in this case! Water breaks obviously aren’t the norm, but do occasionally happen - so good to know for future reference!

They are if you work in Holles St …


I wouldn’t normally stop the watch for ball going out of play unless it going to take time to retrieve it, time wasting ie taking to long over frees throw the ball up but no wouldn’t stop the watch. Injuries yep stop watch. Basically any time the watch is stopped sin bin time is stopped

Generally stop the watch for injuries and subs or any other long delay in play as mentioned above like waiting on the ball.