Site Issues

Threads showing up as unread even when scrolled to the end .
Still lagging the odd time .
Few other glitches.
I’m sure there’s more !

Working fine for me.

Do you have folk on ignore list?

That wasn’t an issue before but threads appear to be unread even though they are .

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The ignore thing isn’t working anymore, is it?

Cue tumbleweed blowing across the screen

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No it isn’t unfortunately.

There’s a new major upgrade out, haven’t had a chance to run it. Will hopefully fix issues you’re having.

Out of interest, what is the software used for the site ?

Not a major issue but still curious why I still get limited as “new user” after being on site for two years!

Mostly just read other peoples posts and been very enjoyable over past few weeks obviously, Just curious.

Cos basically you can’t be trusted @Tumbles.

And who or what is Testerbot ?

I run a little tester bot every day to see how the site is running.

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Where are you listed as new?

Didn’t realise it was Church of Scientology :slight_smile:

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Your trust level was locked, you must have made someone suspicious at one point. :joy:

It was cos of his obnoxious posts about the abortion referendum if I remember correctly

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It doesn’t show up specific device issues mind you

Didn’t realise that supporting abortion was a qualification to comment on something to do with GAA!

Good job that’s not applied to team management :wink:

I thought you were trolling.

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