Site Issues

Edit: Once I go into a thread, the options for navigating to new messages etc have disappeared from the top, have to keep going back into the main menu to get it back

What ever you say love !

Don’t believe her about age, could be a ploy to get you into arbour hill


Anyone getting an Ad bar/ drop-down showing across the banner at top of page? It seems to be freezing the threads when you go in to read an individual thread.


yea i’m getting that this morning - annoying

If only there was someone who could do something about it… :wink:


yea …

… google took it upon itself to run an experiment - should be gone now

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Given the monumental pain in the ballcocks these ads are (especially on a phone) I really hope the ad revenue is enough to keep ALL the mods in coke & hookers & not just your good self ! :roll_eyes: