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My guess is we’ll see a reappearance of it in the next 2 weeks

I thought the Meath game might’ve smoked the Torferrati out.

Think I prefer the ads for the mail order Ukrainian brides after all .
Fook sake .

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I’m all for this type of ad, Shamrock Rovers is an awful disease

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That’s what happens when you Google Ewan McGregor.


Ffs @Tayto can you send me Complan ads or something …

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I must have had a few when I posted that reply… I’ve nothing against Ewan McGregor, to be honest.
Now, did I mean to type ■■■■■■■■■■■■ or Conor McGregor? That is the question!

I wondered at the time what you meant. I decided I was a bit stupid and just didn’t get the joke :grin:

Herself hates him says he’s fierce schmaltzy

Cant take to Ewan myself , he’s like that old school thespian , covers his throat a lot to protect his voice , absolutely takes himself way too serious , constantly talking about his art ,his craft, without a modicum of modesty
Yep dick


Great as Mark Renton though!

last daycent movie he was in

Absolutely, nailed it ,but he loses serious points for Star Wars
I think I can just about separate the actor in real life to the role , if he’s in a decent movie I can for two hours forget he’s a twat , similarly I can listen to Elton johns music , but run a mile if I see him about to be interviewed

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He’s a good chanter though, loved him in Moulin Rouge

Terrific in Shallow Grave and in Fargo season 3.

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Not doubting his acting ability, just off screen personality, hey I can watch Kevin Spacey any day of the week but would gladly piss in his coffee if I met him

So what…has Ewan McGregor ever done for us??

Actually in the original post I misread/assumed it as being ■■■■■■■■■■■■! :laughing:

he defeated dart maul. twice. robbed begbie. went back to the shining. done ■■■■ all the selfish fucker.

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He fought and lost to Floyd mayweather , but wasn’t hit enough for my liking