Site Issues

My friend Malcolm does a lot of this stuff and reckons he knows it inside and out. He’s very malaware.



Is there not a load of development lads on here that could give you a dig out? @JJF @whatever This stuff not up your alley?

Im afraid not me oul sausage… I do just digital design, UI and UX. The coding stuff is like picking a new colour scheme for the house with the wife. Difficult, painful and soul destroying.


This site uses a very specific and quirky piece of software, it’s basically a javascript app, not a website, I think I’ll get a specialist to have a look

Give Richie a shout :rofl:


Yeah am in development. Been a while since I did Javascript but happy to try and help out if I can


Need to get the ads sorted too. I got the snip 3 years ago and getting ads for Durex…

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Can one make contribution towards that cost, if there is one?

T’wud be good for the Resserss Revolut account to be used for more than just the usual coke & hookers payments.


It can grow back I’ve heard!

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Still getting 403 error when I attempt to like a post

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It seems like this is a very halting site!


Jesus wept the database on the site is 22 gigabytes in size, probably explains a lot of the issues, that’s yuuuuuge!

Support guy is after Reindexing the database which is after reducing it to 15GB, will have to get more RAM and a CDN on stream to lessen the load on the server.

I think what’s happening is the database is so big, it’s putting a lot of strain on the server, which is in turn getting the browser window to do a lot of the processing, which is overloading the brower windows and causing the gremlins

Or something like that.

I don’t know what a tracker mortgage is


So reading between the lines, are you trying to blame everything once again on posts that are too long?
(Damo asked me to ask)


A lot of that mist be the music thread with videos. Maybe we should just post links to songs in the future rather than uploading the video?
Random picture thread must be a major contributor aswell

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The Database doesn’t even hold the images/other assets, it’s just the text! :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I’ll hook up a content delivery network, that’ll deliver files and other static content, which will take the load off the server allowing it’s processing power to just work on the actual words/content. Should speed things up a little.

Just restrict Al’s word count on his posts and it be grand !!



Does Tayto have a contact in NASA?

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