Six Nights Before Christmas

Hopefully yis can read this to the chisellers forever …

Six Nights Before Christmas …

Revised final version below


Poetry in motion… :wink::+1:

That’s brilliant.*

*We really have to have a discussion about the ‘C’ word but now isn’t the moment.

Jaysus is it Saturday yet

Here comes Mayo :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart::heart::heart::heart:

"Now, Ciaran! now, Deano! now Scully and Small!
On, over the crossbar, went ball after ball,

You ballcocks !

Am gonna have that in my head all day now…

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You could have worser in your head! :+1:

I approve of this product and/or message.

great stuff.

In my head I heard that in Noel Furlong’s accent.


Drive it, drive it, drive it… :smile:

I was imagining Mr Brennan. Or the late, great Ronnie Drew.

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Dub… superb!

Ne’er a mention of snow in it.

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Better craic maybe getting Billy Keane to read it out.


Ladies & Gentlemen, Res Dubs presents to you, Dublin’s own poet laureate @DUB09



Dub09 should record himself and upload the audio file.

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Great stuff

Maith thú a Mhac, iontach :clap::clap::clap:

Mayo give it up , give it up, Mayo give it up Na-Na Na-Na Na-Na Na-Na Na-Na Na-Na Mayo give it up , Everybody sees you , everybody looks and stares , I just like to make you Mine all Mine Sam ma- gu - ire !!

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Ladies, gents, I give you… @DUB09 who’ll be here all week (and hopefully beyond!).

Great stuff.