Sliotar Reviews

That time of the year again. Trying to get organised for the new season

Anyone on here have any recommendations for sliotars? Obviously the usual suspects (Cummins, Kelly, Hogan) are great but if there are any others that anyone has tried I’d appreciate any reviews

Even better if there are any Dublin manufacturers (support local etc). 65 hurls and Farrell Hurls sell their own sliotars. Anyone tried them? Any others to note?


Cúl Sliotars, run by Neill Fleming former Dublin Hurler, excellent Sliotars, keep shape when wet. And will always do a good deal.

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Any damage noted on any make from sanitising them regularly?

None I can see, damage around now and preseason is a lot of ball wall drills.

Switched to cul sliotars a few years ago and happy with them. Used OConnors from kilkenny and once they got wet I thought they were useless. As mentioned Cul run by a former dublin hurler and if you give him a bell he will know someone he played with/against from your club and will do a bit for you.