Well lads its nearly that time of year again and a bit of dusting off the cobwebs and restocking the hurling equipment. Just wondering if anyone has bought or getting new batchs of sliotars in recently. I know everyone has their own preferences and prices can differ? Dont even quote me O’Neills :tired_face:Thanks :+1:

Eoin Kelly like a lot . O meara good also.

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Cúl Sliotars, run by Neil Fleming, ex Commercials & Dublin.


Yeah neo, like the eoin kelly ones. I heard theres lad up north doing them, decent quality and cheap but cant get the details. Sure their all from pakistan and china now anyway

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Lar Corbett was selling a dozen for €24 not so long ago. A decent sliothar. Eoin Kelly’s are the best but €60 or €70 per dozen.

Willie Maher (cuala manager) sells them also hes Eoins brother in law I think?

Can I be the first to say - Jaysus lads go easy with the sliotars they dont grow on trees,

when ya hit it go after it.

Next year your all going to have to bring a sliotar each to training !

Ps I find Cul sliotars wear well in the wet O’Coonor sliotars kilkenny greatest waste of money ever.


Yeah liamo ye get sick saying it to players but they never listen “anymore sliotars in the bag”

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Now nobody from a playing point of view within me club would like me agreeing with you , but Jesus the average player shooting from 25 yards out putting the the ball over bar n safety net No contact, give me a break , get after the friggin thing you wannabe


Yeh this was drilled into us from a young age, sliotars and footballs, if you hit it you better hope you go get it otherwise you’re either doing a heap of laps or you aren’t playing this weekend.

surely the backs and subs should be behind the goal running after the skilled players pratice

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Eoin larkin selling them at 38 per dozen if your ordering a good amount.decent sliotar

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What’s the quality like ?

Very good.have used them for my team

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Would love to be able to get them from an Irish supplier but i think O’Donnells in clare were the last makers of sliotars. Think they’re gone. Got a link to a supplier in pakistan, fairly cheap, gonna order a couple of dozen, see how they go. Sure they’ll be grand for training

Eoin Kelly best on the market , Cul Sliothars fairly decent , O Meara / 65s not bad . Used to get them also from a guy in Naas , Ryan I think his name was , very cheap and a great ball , well for training anyways .