Surprisingly there doesn’t seem to be a snooker thread.

There is now.

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Can anyone stop Ronnie? Hope not but Shelby was shit hot last night.

You do know that there will be puns now?

As it’s Masters weekend I hope the pun police will be on full alert on this thread. Punning snooker is not a challenge anyway - far too easy. Even Fiscal can do it.


On the snooker … c’mon the Rocket!

Haven’t managed to watch any of it yet.

The Rocket into another final.

If you get a ban for it, you’ll be framed!

Great interview with Ronnie on ITV4 there - he’s some man. :joy::joy::joy:

Very good docu with him in the USA doing pool hall hustling, it’s on youtube, gas stuff

BBC 2 showing the '84 final between Davis and White now

White now?

David Coleman’s famous qoute:

"For those of you who are watching in black and white, the blue is behind the brown”

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It wasn’t David Coleman, he didn’t commentate on snooker. It was actually the great Ted Lowe who said " for those of you watching in black and white the pink is behind the green".

John Motson made a similar comment some time later about Spurs being the team in yellow.

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Whispering Ted Lowe. A voice that could lull you to sleep!

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Eddie Charlton … I mean, I was better than Eddie.

He wasn’t very athletic

Wasn’t Eddie Charlton an Australian National Amateur Boxing champion?

As others have said, it wasn’t David Coleman, but he had so many himself they were known as Colemanballs.

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Stand corrected, but, when I searched the quote it was attributed to Coleman.

His prowess in other sports was repeated ad nauseum as he stalled at yet another break in the low teens.
I’ve no doubt he was a a good lad but dear he must have been past his best when he came on Pot Black.