Social Football Teams

Hi All,

Just curious do any clubs within the county run any social football teams? I’m involved with Round Towers Clondalkin and we have a Gaa For Dad’s team on the go. It’s mainly a mix of older, ex and new players. We are looking to organise friendly matches if any clubs have teams or are interested in playing. I know Fingallins (Swords), Lucan , Beann Eadir Howth have or had teams at one stage.

If anybody has any details or fancies a kick about, can you let me know please?

We don’t mind travelling so even details of teams outside of Dublin will do and i’ll make contact.

Much Appreciated in advance.


wouldn’t mind the kick about , but couldn’t be putting on that towers jersey


You’d have to be selected first :wink:

If anybody interested in just training, feel free to contact me.

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Crokes have a team.

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Cheers for that.

Do you have any contact details and i’ll try organise a match soon?

Thanks again

You should enter the AFL11S this year. Or help fill the RT team that got relegated from AFL10 because they had no players. At least you get to play matches then


If only we taught of that…:smirk:

There’s a social team for some of the older members in Clontarf if ye are still interested?

And an over 40’s gang in the Mun too, if anyone needs a contact, just PM me.

I think he’s looking to play football Rochey …

How trite…

Probably playing a load of under age players… :wink:

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That’s the re-aging system for ya Harpo.:hugs:

How’s that going. Is it 7 a side?

Depends on how many they get up, but 7 a side would be normal enough I think.

Do they accept absolute newbies (who played hurling at a reasonable level in primary school)?

Mate of yours?


We play anything from 11 to 15 a side depending on numbers. We’ve a panel of 30+ players of various levels.

If game is in Towers, normally 12-a-side on our astro, if game is away it depends on what size pitch the host club provides.

If you’ve a big enough panel I would recommend entering Division 11 in the new year, constant matches but no need to take it seriously!! Might also attract the players that left when the Towers Division 10 team folded this year and maybe some of the younger players!

Best of Luck.