Social Football Teams

Vincents entering a social football team in AFL11N.

I thought Vincents didn’t have a recruitment policy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I didn’t think they played for fun … ever. Sign of weakness/weakening? :scream:

What is the football like in Div 11? Are the games taken seriously by those involved or is there a sense that people know they’re there for a bit of craic and the results don’t really matter?

Bit of both I would say. They are a bit of craic but you still want to win

I think its more slanting to the craic than the winning in some places

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Hmm, I wonder where some of the info for this article came from!

Worth a look if anyone nostalgic for times gone by.

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Div 11 serious? Think Phil Taylor trying to play football

More Eric Bristow even

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I’d say maybe Bristow or jockey wilson would be typical Afl11. AFL7-10 would be taylor. van gerwen would be ok in afl5-6. Above that, only the fitness of the intro girls would be sufficient.

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Really? Should have told your lads that 2 years ago when we played them and they played half their Div 6 team…

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we couldn’t get Jimmy Five Bellies out of the bar

There were no Jimmy 5 bellies playing that day, well apart from me, so you could be right