Social Hurling

I see there’s a twitter account advertising social hurling for the summer. Similar to 5 aside soccer they seem to be organizing for retired hurlers. Seems like a good idea. Twitter account is @dublinsocialhurlin. Mainly northside based.

Great idea

We had 4 teams in last year
Beann eadair
Craibh cieran

Was great fun

Looking for a few more clubs to join. This year

What did ye play? 7 aside? Sounds like a good idea.

I might be able to hack it if it’s 7 a side on a tennis court.

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Hack? I see- said Iomaint!


Great idea, is it for retired players or beginners? the success of tag rugby is that absolute beginners/non-sporty all their life people can join in and enjoy it.

It’s 15 a side and mostly lads that are retired play in it but there’s a few that would be beginners too

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No 15 a side
Role on and off
Check out the social hurling Facebook page

Did a fair bit of social hurling in me time … very messy on the shoes …


It’s up and running on the south side now. St James Gaels played Kevin’s earlier in a friendly.

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St James Gaels organized a very good blitz yesterday. Great to see clubs like Beann Eadair and St James Gaels participating. They wouldn’t have enough bodies to compete at adult but this gives them the opportunity to keep it going