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Some of these pages are funny, some are cringey, and then some are just opening up the floor for knuckle daggers from every corner of Ireland to post vile stuff.

The reason I started this thread is because I noticed this post earlier. I know this particular page has a lot of popularity on Facebook so this stuff has a huge audience. I’d be interested to hear what you lot here think of this nonsense?

It’s nonsense indeed.

I run the @ReservoirDubs twitter feed and for the most part try not to get involved with any of that malarkey

There’s a fair share of garbage on the RD Twitter account. Don’t think it portrays a very accurate reflection of those who use RD.

@Sehan are you sure that’s not @ResevoirDubs (the spelling is all important here) you are talking about?

:thinking::thinking::no_mouth::astonished:, would this be what they call a "faux pas "

This type of talk usually springs it head up around September for some reason :unamused:. I was this person in '11 . I had not heard of the season ticket or Parnell pass before as I used to get tickets for years through the civil service thanks to my bro working for various ministers. Yes , it is true , since I started going with him around '97 he always got us tickets that were put aside for ministers . I got chatting to a few lads at a game in '11 who have become friends since & they told me about the season ticket . So as soon as we won I contacted the season ticket support & put my name down . Tickets were still available then , the rest is history . I was annoyed though I couldn’t get a ticket that year though , I had attended I think 11 games that year through league & championship . My bro had been going since '83 and he couldn’t get a ticket either . I do believe its a flawed system . I’ve a friend whose in Parnell’s , usually only goes to the semis & has not been left without a ticket for the last 4 AIs we have been in . He puts in a lot if work with the club & is rewarded this way in kind .
I unsubscribed to all these media fan pages after '11 as its generally just all bollix . This is my only sanctuary since . The amount of rubbish posted is beyond a joke .

Theres one Dublin fan page on Facebook that has to be run by a spoilt teenage girl. Very cringey reading the stuff that does be posted on it and again has a huge audience. I dont know if its that particular page I unfollowed a handful in the build up to the final and of course the infamous All Stars awards

looking a mayoblog again. some mayo fans are off their rocker

ne-Marie says:
November 23, 2016 at 1:38 pm
I’m with you, WJ, still nowhere near over the loss, I have to say. Still bruised and drained from the year (which is ridiculous in fairness given the effort the actual players put in). The club games have been a breath of fresh air and I don’t want to think about 2017 intercounty just yet. Haven’t even renewed the season ticket and I know there are plenty more in the same boat. This one just really, really, really hit hard.
Maybe I’m afraid of being completely bitter in 2017 – the win at all costs mentality is actually not very enjoyable, particularly when you don’t win :wink: I hope by January 8th the enthusiasm will have returned… I’m sure we won’t be long getting back in the saddle anyway. By mid-February the Citywest will be booked again for September …
Roger Milla says:
November 23, 2016 at 2:01 pm
I’m over it , roll on next year.
The truth is they broke me down in Limerick , they sent us to munster and then robbed us blind below. I would have put the ranch on us to beat Donegal that year.
Everything since then right up to the Dub media targeting Lee Keegan before the final replay has just confirmed that we will only win it the hard way, there will be no soft all-ireland for us or for this team.
If these lads are prepared to keep coming back to face into that shite then so am I.
Ted Kennedy gets rolled out on these pages often and with good reason…
“the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dream shall never die”
Puckout says:
November 23, 2016 at 4:52 pm
100% agree with back door s and roger milla, 2014 was a total sickener, this year was more self inflicted. To beat Dublin you have beat everything that goes with them , the media, their influence on the ref, home advantage.
That said we’re the only team capable of beating them. In these dark days the thoughts of playing Kerry in August is something to look forward to, the fact Donaghy is sticking around is great, some wrongs need putting right before taking on the dubs again.

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Til the next final :thinking:, if there is one :thinking:

I think the first meeting of the disgruntled supporters ,who go to every game and cant get a ticket for final brigade should take place at Dublin first OBC game next year. :blush:

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Where will the gruntled supporters go?

The Blue Stars game…like all the hardcore supporters :wink:


[quote=“Dub09, post:12, topic:1395, full:true”]
Where will the gruntled supporters go?

They are ok ,they got sorted for the final.
It’s the disgruntled ones that as usual are making all the noise :blush:

i might be regruntled after reading that.

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Does MR HIll15Army not have a season ticket? Or is he complaining on behalf of fans that dont have a season ticket, and he was always sorted for tickets anyway, or does he just fancy a good protest??

There is one FB page that I had to stop following, it was so bad, think it was run by a lad called Barry or something, quite possibly one of the bowran boys

There is an issue with the ticket thing though - Dublin are getting 30K to 40K for Leinster championship games, 50K / 60K for quarter finals, while Mayo are getting half that. Yet come the final, Mayo manage to source more tickets.

I don’t think there is a lot can be done with the allocation method, but there must be tweaking that could be done somewhere. I understand they go to clubs pro rata to membership of the club - but that is probably not the case, do Kilmacud or Cuala get 100s of tickets more then a club with 100 members, I doubt it.

But there is something wrong with Dublin being outnumbered in Croke Park on All Ireland day when they were bringing the money all year.

Its based on senior teams as far as I know. Clubs with 4 senior teams get allocated a certain amount versus teams with 3 and so on.

Clubs got the exact same allocation for the replay as they did for the first game but the same allocation included the last minute extra tickets given out by the county board on the Friday. There may have been a second allocation for the replay again but can’t remember

It’s based on the number of affiliations that a club has and the number of registered members.
Mayo fans got tickets from people with connections to the county who live in other counties. Our near neighbours (flour bags) are reputed to have been a big supplier of tickets to Mayo. The playing of the Mayo semifinal a week before ours gave them a huge advantage in the hunt for tickets.

Barry isnt so bad… but thats a pretty low bar. He has a reach of 1.2 million dont yew know.