South American Football

These are going to be some games both on and off the pitch :boom::boom::boom::boom:

I’d say Clifton would have more chance of an all-star here!

I’d love to see Argentinian football regularly on TV, even if it was only a highlights programme. I’m not aware that it is on anywhere. Going to La Bombonera though - what an experience that would be!!

One of the bt/ eir sport channels showed it a few years ago. Fairly poor league tbh. As was the Brazilian league which they showed for a while too. Problem is never mind the best argie players are in Europe the average ones are as well. The ones left are poor bar the odd returnee like tevez.

Don’t have BT sports and see its all kicked off before the 2nd leg of Boca - River.
Anyone watching?

Tear gas used on bus I think - game off - NUTZ!!

KO pushed back to 9:20

FIFA have told Boca to play tonight or face disqualification

People will probably get killed - for football … :flushed:. I hope everyone we know in Sth America is ok …


omh?? or is he not far enough south?

I see what you did there. :grin:
Seriously though, some very pugly scenes on Twitter.

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Whenever he lays his hat that’s his @Ohm

Game called off, common sense prevails I guess although I had found a decent stream and was looking forward to what transpired especially if Boca won.

No I’m in the US. Crazy whats going on following this. Slightly different from an afternoon Belgian league match.

Is the US not a part of South America?

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Uh no. :laughing:

Oh. Is it a country in its own right then?

Ohm, Dub09 is taking the piss and not being serious. He knows his geo-politics very well.

Game postponed again. No date yet for its refixture.

Flamengo v River plate Copa Libertadores, first time it’s a once off match on bbc2 now.

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Flamengo equalise with 1min to go :open_mouth: