Spawell Stadium

Reports suggesting that the County Board have bought the complex with a view of building a stadium on it.


No way, they got it in the end! Fatty O’Doherty will be raging, he’s very concerned about the tennis courts which closed 10 years ago.

Great news… someone better check in on spewan, I’d say this news will send him into the asylum with crazy mutterings of resources and domination.


Could have got it a bit cheaper if the DCB gave Glenn Hansard a Parnell park pass.

Good news

It will interesting to see the uptake on support when this is built considering 90% of Dublin support pre championship comes from the north side
Hurling is already predominately south side and football has now been given the green light to be the same

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Should be a cracking atmosphere in a stadium that size.

I’m sure SDCC are paying for the construction, they seem to like doing that?


I don’t think this deal is for the whole complex as before but it will give DCB what they need

What is they need assuming this stadium is around for another 30 years what do you get from a 25k capacity when demand in the league is greater
Is it for the clubs then

Would be great for the League . You would imagine the way things are going that we will be drawn away for 1st championship game now going forward . Would it be able to accommodate a Leinster semi though ? It will still probably mean only 1 less game in Croker for us . Whatever happens I’d say the usual suspects will still find something wrong with it .

Location and capacity I’m struggling with unless it’s for clubs

Location is just off the m50 so relatively easy to drive to. Also on several bus routes or very near to them. Does it matter that much to you that it has to be northside? It’s 1-2km away from 4-5 clubs so plenty of support around there.

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What’s wrong with capacity, dont league matches in croker get about 25,000 on average? nothing wrong with creating a bit of urgency to get tickets for league games. God forbid a GAa league match would be played in a near full stadium.


Great news, paves the way for dividing the county, we can cut the northside off and let them wallow in their own bitterness

personally no i have a car however a lot from coolock artane dont
although i hate having to pay the toll tbh
my question is more fundemental , if the stadium is for hurling and south side clubs, i get it. if its for country football i dont , i dont get 25k capacity for football country, i do for hurling.

i hope we never divide the county up and personally im a hurling supporter ahead of a football one

Can see it being used for Round 4 qualifiers given it’s location if you had say Down and Tipp drawn to play each other or hypothetically Meath and Kildare

True, but it wouldn’t be an area with a big Dub supporter stronghold which will always be north of the liffey – along the glasnevin to marino belt !

in 10 years time do you believe the capacity of 25k will be enough fo rleague games, i certainly dont and then we are back to allocating tickets bahhh

just shows lack for foresight and strategy from the board